Monday, February 23, 2009

1 year down and a baby later!!!

I can't believe a year ago today Richard and I were getting married!!! I am so thankful to have such a wonderful man I can call my husband!!! He means everything to me and I never imagined what a great dad he would be!! Our wedding day was a wonderful day in my life and I'm sure Richard's life too!!! Everything about that day was perfect and i loved seeing all of my friends and family!!! So today we ate a piece of our wedding cake from that beloved day one year ago!! Surprisingly, the cake was still very good!! I was really worried when I took that first bite, but the cake tasted almost like it did one year ago!! As you all know Richard and I weren't expecting to have a child so soon after marriage, but now I couldn't imagine our life withour Payton!! So we took pictures at my mom's house and the saying of the day was " 1 year down and a baby later!!" I think its sounds pretty good!! Payton has made our lives so much sweeter and she has made our first year of marriage one of the greatest!! We were married in Febuary 2008, found out I was pregnant in May 2008, and we had our beautiful baby girl in January 2009. So she was pretty much in our lives our whole first year of marriage!! I love you Richard and I can't wait to celebrate all the years of marriage to come (and babies to come !!!!)

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Payton has only smiled a few times and of course its not at me!! She mostly smiles at everyone else and when I come around she is back to her same pooched out lips face!! Anyways, my mom was messing around with her this afternoon and actually caught a smile!!! I can't wait until she is smiling all the time and I definitely can't wait until she smiles at me!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Daddy Time :)

Payton and her daddy had a speechless 30 minutes on the floor the other night!! Payton was just lying there looking at her daddy and making all sorts of faces!! I just sat their and took pictures, just laughing at them!! Then eventually I got in the floor and took pictures of our family with the one handed snap shots!! Here are a few pictures.....
What you say daddy... I love you too!!
The family!!! Look at Sadee looking at Payton!
Sweet babies!!!

Cradle Cap

So we aren't positive, but we believe Payton has a case of the cradle cap!! She has dry scaly skin all over her head! So we washed her hair today in baby oil and I combed it trying to get some of the big flakes off! Some flakes came off, but we were told to do this several times a week. So hopefully the cradle cap will disappear in a few weeks! While the baby oil was soaking in we took pictures of her mohawk! It was very cute!!

Payton's 1st Valentine's Day!!!

Payton celebrated her very 1st Valentine's Day, which also was her very 1st holiday!! We had a great day with the family! We slept in until 9:00 and we got ready in our red and white Valentine's outfir that her Ki Ki gave her!! Then we headed over to Ki Ki and Paw Paw's house for Valentine's dinner with Aunt Blair and Uncle Bobby!! It was a very yummy dinner!! Payton loved her 3 ounces of Nestle Goodstart!!! That night Richard and I left her with Ki Ki and Paw Paw for her first sleepover!! Oh Richard an I looked forward to one night of uninterrupted sleep!! I missed her very much and I did wake up at 4:oo AM, but i quickly fell back to sleep!! It was a great Valentine's day with the family!!! (Side note: I so forgot to take a picture of Payton in her Valentine's outft!! Whoops!! The picture up top is of the feet of her outfit!! Sorry!)
Mommy and Payton!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Payton Photo Session!!!

Such a big girl!!!

Look at those lips!!

Daddy get that bunny off my head!!

There are those lips again!!

We just needed a little photo shoot to brighten up our day!! She was being so funny during the clothing changes but then she just pooched out those lips when the camera was in front of her!! Oh Well she still is gorgeous!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Payton's first trip to Arkansas!!

Superbowl weekend we went Blytheville to visit Payton's great grandparents for the first time!! We had a great time and surprisingly she slept very well that night!!! We stayed at my grandmas, Payton's grandma great McCall's house!! We visited Aunts and Uncles that whole day!! We also went and saw my grandma Turpin in the nursing home for about an hour!! I think Payton made the elderly women that were in the TV room at he nursing home very nervous because Payton would cry and some of the women would yell at me for not taking care of the baby!! It was kind of funny!!
Grandma great McCall, Paw Paw, me, and Payton

Payton brought a big smile to her face!!!

The following weekend we went to Van Buren, Arkansas to visit Payton's Uncle Chris, Aunt Anissa, and her cousins Bailey and Emery!! This was a very fun trip!! Bailey is 4 and she really enjoyed Payton!! Emery is almosy 5 months so her and Payton just hung out together!! It was really neat to have all the girls together!!! Anissa and I went shopping with Bailey and left the babies home with the boys!! We went to a store called Funky Monkey and another store called Alice in Wonderland!! I bought PAyton alot of new clothes and shoes!! I got a few otfits she can wear here soon, but I really got some really cute outfits that were 18 to 24 months! I am looking forward to dressing her up in the outfits!! We ended the weekend with Payton waking up with some congestion! So we packed up our things and drove the 4 hours back to Memphis! It was a great 4 day weekend vacation, but boy was I worn out!!

Payton, Bailey, and Emery!!

Mommy and Payton in one of her new outfits!!
Payton's boots with the fur!!!
Emery and Payton with their matching "Be Mine" outfits!
The Five girls: Anissa, Emery, Bailey, Payton, and me!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just a few more pictures!!!

Pretty little girl!! I was 2 weeks old!!!
Richard, Payton, and I

After a bath!!! That paci covers her face!!!

Hello Everyone!!

So a friend of mine has tried to get me to start a blog (hello Rachel). I finally decided tonight at 10:00 that I would start one!! It probably is going to be a long night!!! I'm Julianna and I have been married for almost a year to my wonderful husband Richard!! We just welcomed our beautiful daughter, Payton Renee into the world on January 5, 2009!! She weighed 7 lbs. and 12 oz. and was 20.5 inches long!! That was the most amazing day of our lives. We weren't expecting to have a baby so soon after we had gotten married, but now I couldn't imagine life without her!!

This is our family after Payton was born!!

Whoo Pig Sooie!!!!

Payton after her very first bath!! She loves bath time!!!