Monday, February 23, 2009

1 year down and a baby later!!!

I can't believe a year ago today Richard and I were getting married!!! I am so thankful to have such a wonderful man I can call my husband!!! He means everything to me and I never imagined what a great dad he would be!! Our wedding day was a wonderful day in my life and I'm sure Richard's life too!!! Everything about that day was perfect and i loved seeing all of my friends and family!!! So today we ate a piece of our wedding cake from that beloved day one year ago!! Surprisingly, the cake was still very good!! I was really worried when I took that first bite, but the cake tasted almost like it did one year ago!! As you all know Richard and I weren't expecting to have a child so soon after marriage, but now I couldn't imagine our life withour Payton!! So we took pictures at my mom's house and the saying of the day was " 1 year down and a baby later!!" I think its sounds pretty good!! Payton has made our lives so much sweeter and she has made our first year of marriage one of the greatest!! We were married in Febuary 2008, found out I was pregnant in May 2008, and we had our beautiful baby girl in January 2009. So she was pretty much in our lives our whole first year of marriage!! I love you Richard and I can't wait to celebrate all the years of marriage to come (and babies to come !!!!)

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