Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Payton's first trip to Arkansas!!

Superbowl weekend we went Blytheville to visit Payton's great grandparents for the first time!! We had a great time and surprisingly she slept very well that night!!! We stayed at my grandmas, Payton's grandma great McCall's house!! We visited Aunts and Uncles that whole day!! We also went and saw my grandma Turpin in the nursing home for about an hour!! I think Payton made the elderly women that were in the TV room at he nursing home very nervous because Payton would cry and some of the women would yell at me for not taking care of the baby!! It was kind of funny!!
Grandma great McCall, Paw Paw, me, and Payton

Payton brought a big smile to her face!!!

The following weekend we went to Van Buren, Arkansas to visit Payton's Uncle Chris, Aunt Anissa, and her cousins Bailey and Emery!! This was a very fun trip!! Bailey is 4 and she really enjoyed Payton!! Emery is almosy 5 months so her and Payton just hung out together!! It was really neat to have all the girls together!!! Anissa and I went shopping with Bailey and left the babies home with the boys!! We went to a store called Funky Monkey and another store called Alice in Wonderland!! I bought PAyton alot of new clothes and shoes!! I got a few otfits she can wear here soon, but I really got some really cute outfits that were 18 to 24 months! I am looking forward to dressing her up in the outfits!! We ended the weekend with Payton waking up with some congestion! So we packed up our things and drove the 4 hours back to Memphis! It was a great 4 day weekend vacation, but boy was I worn out!!

Payton, Bailey, and Emery!!

Mommy and Payton in one of her new outfits!!
Payton's boots with the fur!!!
Emery and Payton with their matching "Be Mine" outfits!
The Five girls: Anissa, Emery, Bailey, Payton, and me!!

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