Sunday, March 22, 2009

We can roll over!!!!

Saturday March 21st, Payton rolled over for the first time!! I can't believe it, she is growing up so fast!!! She was on my mom's bed when she did it for the first time!! Of course, she can only roll from her stomach to her back!! She does it so good!! I am so proud of my baby!!!
She is so cute!! So she rolled over right after this picture!! We thought maybe it might be a fluke because she was on the bed so we put her on the floor and bam, she rolled right over!!! We took some video, but I am so bad at figuring out how to post video's on this thing!!! 

Our first ER visit :(

Thursday the 19th of March Payton ran a fever of 100.8 rectally. I didn't think much of it and gave her Tylenol and finished getting her ready for bed. Our worry wort of a dad called the on call nurse for the pediatrician!! They told us because of her age we had to go straight to the ER. So we packed a bag and left. We got there around 1100. Finally got back to a room around 1230 AM. They had to do a Chest Xray, take a urine sample with a catheter and they had to start an IV and take some blood.  She was really upset with the IV part! They ran test and did not know what was wrong with her. So around 330 the next morning we went home! Both Richard and I had to work that Friday !!! I was beyond exhaustion and so was Richard!! Thankfully, Payton is doing well and she has not ran any fever since then!! Here is Payton in her hospital gown!! She is so sweet!!

This is Payton after her IV was put in!! She was so exhausted!! 

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

Sorry I am so late on writing, but here recently I returned to work! :(. It has been fun, but I really miss Payton!! I was off all day with Payton on St. Patty's day and oh was it beautiful!!! We went for a walk out side and met daddy for lunch!!! Here are some very cute pictures of my gorgeous baby girl!!!
Payton in her stroller
Payton and her lovee!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

New toy weekend!!!

This weekend Payton got two new toys to keep at Ki Ki and Paw Paw's house!! The new tummy time mat is really big and mommy got a great deal for it!! The bouncer was $20 off the original price, so Ki Ki couldn't pass it up!!

This is Payon on her new tummy time mat!! It is so big and eventually she will be able to roll over and still be on the mat!! She really likes the mirror that hangs over her face!! Mommy bought this mat for $20 at Once Upon a Child!!!
This is Payton in her new bouncy jumper thingy!! I'm not sure what it is really called, so we call it her jumper!! She is still a little too small for it, but we wrapped a blanket all around her and she was good to go!!! She made it bounce one time and the look on her face was priceless!! She didn't know what to do after she bounced up and down one time!! She is so cute in her jumper!! She looks so big when we put her in there!!! I still can't believe she has gotten so big in such a little amount of time!! :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Look who's 2 months today!!

So two months ago today Payton was born!! It's hard to believe she is already 2 months old. Before I know it she will be crawling and then walking all over the place! This morning we had her two-month checkup and she weighed 10 lbs and 13 oz. and was 22 1/4 inches long!! Such a big girl!! She also got 3 shots and a medicine that she got to drink! It was different being on the parent side of vaccines intsead of the nurse side!! I have been so used to giving those injections that it broke my heart to see my baby cry like that!! She was a true champ though after her injections, she only cried for about 5 minutes and then it was all over with!! The rest of the afternoon she has been very cranky!! I have been calling her crabby patty Payton!! If she is awake she is crying or whining and always wanting to be held!! SO mommy has been spoiling her all day long!! :)! I will hopefully post more than this one picture, but my camera died so it is recharging!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Rare Form Monday!

Payton was in rare form today!! She didn't sleep much during the day and every time I put her down she would just start screaming!! She also spit up alot today so I don't know if her belly was hurting her or if she was just worn out from out weekend out of town!! I tried everything so I finally broke out the baby carrier to see if maybe that would work!! The outcome was: a great success!! She helped me do laundry and do the dishes!!! She even helped me feed Sadee!! We had a pretty good afternoon then Ki Ki came over the let me take a shower!! Thank you Ki Ki! I had been spit up on all day long and I was starting to smell!! Hopefully tomorrow she will be her old self again!!

I stayed in a Hampton last night!!

We went to Little Rock, AR last weekend to visit Poppa!! He had to have open heart surgery on Friday at the Arkansas Heart Hospital!! He is doing very well!!! So we found out when we got there that children under 5 had to stay downstairs in the lobby! So yes we spent mumerous hours in a lobby watching TV. Payton was a very good baby those two days and actually slept the best she ever has in the Hampton Inn!! That was Payton's first hotel stay and it was great!! Richard woke up Sunday morning and asked me if we could live in the Hampton! I jokingly said yes sir but can we make it The Hampton's, were the rich folks vacation!!! It snowed while we were in Little Rock, AR and I heard it snowed alot back home in Memphis!!!
Payton on the bed

Payton with her Poppa and Gi Gi!Pushing the luggage cart!Chilling in the lobby at the Arkansas Heart Hospital!

Girl's Night!

So the other night I got to enjoy some me time and went to girl's night!!! It was so much fun to see all of the ladies again!! We had some great talks about everything!! It was really nice to have an adult conversation with some really great friends!! I don't know what I would do without my girl's night; it is a great way to escape Mommy life and have some Julianna life!!! Richard met us at Chili's to take our pictures and to say hello!!