Monday, March 2, 2009

I stayed in a Hampton last night!!

We went to Little Rock, AR last weekend to visit Poppa!! He had to have open heart surgery on Friday at the Arkansas Heart Hospital!! He is doing very well!!! So we found out when we got there that children under 5 had to stay downstairs in the lobby! So yes we spent mumerous hours in a lobby watching TV. Payton was a very good baby those two days and actually slept the best she ever has in the Hampton Inn!! That was Payton's first hotel stay and it was great!! Richard woke up Sunday morning and asked me if we could live in the Hampton! I jokingly said yes sir but can we make it The Hampton's, were the rich folks vacation!!! It snowed while we were in Little Rock, AR and I heard it snowed alot back home in Memphis!!!
Payton on the bed

Payton with her Poppa and Gi Gi!Pushing the luggage cart!Chilling in the lobby at the Arkansas Heart Hospital!

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