Thursday, March 5, 2009

Look who's 2 months today!!

So two months ago today Payton was born!! It's hard to believe she is already 2 months old. Before I know it she will be crawling and then walking all over the place! This morning we had her two-month checkup and she weighed 10 lbs and 13 oz. and was 22 1/4 inches long!! Such a big girl!! She also got 3 shots and a medicine that she got to drink! It was different being on the parent side of vaccines intsead of the nurse side!! I have been so used to giving those injections that it broke my heart to see my baby cry like that!! She was a true champ though after her injections, she only cried for about 5 minutes and then it was all over with!! The rest of the afternoon she has been very cranky!! I have been calling her crabby patty Payton!! If she is awake she is crying or whining and always wanting to be held!! SO mommy has been spoiling her all day long!! :)! I will hopefully post more than this one picture, but my camera died so it is recharging!!!

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