Monday, April 27, 2009


Urology visit!!!!

So Payton had her first visit to the Pediatric Urologist!!!!  Dr. Jerkin's was a very nice doctor!!! We liked him very much!! Payton had to pee in a bag again (this is like the third time She is becoming a pro!!) Our visit was pretty much just a conference on what Grade 2 Kidney Reflux was and what the chances were that she would out grow this!!!!! So the outcome was......... there is a 70% chance that she will out grow this as she gets bigger and taller!!! So every night for the nine months we have to give Payton a 1/2 teaspoon of an antibiotic thats flavored with cherry!!! hip hip hooray!!! I really don't like the fact that she has to be on it for so long, but Dr. Jerkins believes this is the best thing to do!! So we are doing it!!!!

Payton at Dr. Jerkin's office!!!!!

Lots of firsts!!!!!

Payton has had alot of firsts here lately!!!! We went on our first real big vacation to South Carolina to visit Gi Gi. We flew into Atlanta (Payton's first plane ride). She did so well on the way to Atlanta, she slept the whole time!!! Gi Gi picked us up in Atlanta and we drove 5  hours to Charleston, SC. That night we ate at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Company!! It was very good!! The next day we went Island hopping!! Yet another Payton first at the beach!!! She loved having her toes in the sand!!! We took lots of pictures. That same day we went to Rainbow Row, which is downtown in Charleston. Payton and I walked through Louis Vutton!! Very nice, and very expensive!!! Another first for the both of us. We also visited Myrtle Beach, SC and then we drove to Spartanburg, SC and stayed at Gi Gi's!!! We had such a good time on our Vacation!! Thank you
Gi Gi for everything you did for us!! We love you!!!

                                                         Payton in her "P" onesie!!!!
                                                          Our family at Reedy River!!!

                                                         Photo shoot in the flowers!!
                                                                  One exhausted baby!!
                                                 Mommy, Payton, and Louis Vutton!
                                                     Payton's very first time at the beach!!!
                                              Daddy and Pay Pay at the Isle of Palms Beach
                                                  Mommy and Payton on Rainbow Row

                                                     Gi Gi and Payton at Bubba Gump's!!
                                                         Payton's first airplane ride!!!!

Payton's 1st Easter!! (A little late).

                                              Easter egg full of mommy's favorite candy!!!

                                                          Her Easter basket!!!!

Pay Pay had a very good Easter. We went to Blytheville, AR to see my grandparents and spend some time away from Memphis. Richard had to work so we decided to skip out of town!!!! Jope you enjoy the pictures!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hats, Hats, and more Hats!!!

Here is Payton in her lady bug at when we went to the park!! I just love this picture because she looks so innocent!!! She loves looking at her daddy!!! Goodness we made a beautiful baby!!!

Look at Miss Payton posing!!! She almost looks like an old lady with this bow on her hat!! Don't worry taht bow doesn't belong on that hat. Ki Ki and I were just playing dress-up with her!!

Now those are some big blue eyes!!! That face is priceless!!! I'm not sure what she was trying to do, but the picture turned out soo sweet!!!!  Love you baby!!!

I love this picture too!!! She always has such big eyes in all her pictures, but that is just Payton!!!!  She is my big blue eyed baby!!!!  She is soo lovely!!! We had soo fun playing dress-up and I can't wait to do it again!!!

Happy 3 months baby!!!

Today Payton is 3 months old!!! She weighs a whopping 14 lbs. and has been on her first antibiotic Suprax for the last 10 days for a UTI. Tomorrow she will have a kidney ultrasound and a x-ray just to make sure everything is okay because she is too young to have a UTI.  What a first three months it has. She is such a happy baby and loves to bury her face with blankets or in your armpit!! She is beautiful and so funny!! I have a blast when I am with her and I miss her so much when I am away at work!! She is so wonderful!! 
Payton loves going over to play with Landon. Her daddy drops her off in the afternoon's and then Ki Ki picks her up at 500. While she is their she loves to watch Landon and just smiles at him!! One of my very good friends' Rachel keeps Payton for me when I have to work!! I truly thank her because I hated to put her in a daycare so soon!! I keep telling Payton that her boyfriends' name his Landon and she should marry him Then she wouldn't have to change any of her monogrammed outfits!!!