Monday, April 27, 2009

Lots of firsts!!!!!

Payton has had alot of firsts here lately!!!! We went on our first real big vacation to South Carolina to visit Gi Gi. We flew into Atlanta (Payton's first plane ride). She did so well on the way to Atlanta, she slept the whole time!!! Gi Gi picked us up in Atlanta and we drove 5  hours to Charleston, SC. That night we ate at Bubba Gump's Shrimp Company!! It was very good!! The next day we went Island hopping!! Yet another Payton first at the beach!!! She loved having her toes in the sand!!! We took lots of pictures. That same day we went to Rainbow Row, which is downtown in Charleston. Payton and I walked through Louis Vutton!! Very nice, and very expensive!!! Another first for the both of us. We also visited Myrtle Beach, SC and then we drove to Spartanburg, SC and stayed at Gi Gi's!!! We had such a good time on our Vacation!! Thank you
Gi Gi for everything you did for us!! We love you!!!

                                                         Payton in her "P" onesie!!!!
                                                          Our family at Reedy River!!!

                                                         Photo shoot in the flowers!!
                                                                  One exhausted baby!!
                                                 Mommy, Payton, and Louis Vutton!
                                                     Payton's very first time at the beach!!!
                                              Daddy and Pay Pay at the Isle of Palms Beach
                                                  Mommy and Payton on Rainbow Row

                                                     Gi Gi and Payton at Bubba Gump's!!
                                                         Payton's first airplane ride!!!!

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