Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday!!!

Payton's 1st trip to the lake!!

We had a wonderful time at the lake!!! Richard grew up going to the lake every summer helping his poppa run lines to catch catfish!! So Payton will have to get used to going to the lake! Its going to be a very common trip we will have to take!!!!  Payton got to see her cousins again! Its been so long since we last seen them! i cant believe how much Bailey has matured over the past couple of months!! She is so beautiful and so smart!! Emery... she is too cute for words!!!! She has gotten so big and has gotten such a personality on her!!!!  It was so great to see them and everyone else!! We love you and miss you all!!

Poppa and his grandsons, great granddaughters, and the granddaughter in laws
                                                      Poppa, Gi Gi, and the girls
                                                     Pop Pop, Gi Gi, and the girls!!
          Payton, daddy and the catfish!! She better get used to these pictures!!

Our new house in the making! :)

Richard and I finally decided to take the plunge and buy a house!! We need a house for Payton and Sadee!! Payton will be so excited when she will get to play in the backyard!!! And we will be so happy when we get to let Sadee out the back door to go outside!!! We are so happy that we can finally give Payton a home to grow up in and make lots of memories of her young childhood!! Next time we have a house she will be able to help us move!!!  We close on the house on August 7!!!!

                   This is our property!!! It looks like a lot of land, but its really not!!!
                                    Here we are standing in the garage!!!
They had this up in a matter of a week from the above picture!!!!  The front of the house
One side of the house!! The side with the side door that leads to the back porch!!
                     The back of the house!! See our little back porch!!!
                    This is the house again within two days of the above pictures!!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Bows, Bows, and more Bows.

Wow!!! Did we have a fun afternoon watching Meesh be crafty!!! She made Payton all kinds of different bows!!! It was really interesting how easy it looks but how hard it actually is!!! Payton has lots of new bows to wear now!!!! We decided that Meesh will start a company called MeeshDesigns and Payton will be her model for all her new accessories!!! Here are some pictures::::

                                                      Her pretty white bow!!
                                         Oooooooo  big flower bow!!!!  So pretty!!!
                                   She sure is a great model for Meesh Designs!!
                                                        Now that is the pose!!!
                      Perfect with the tongue hanging out!!!!  Thank you Meesh for all the pretty bows!!!!

Spoonful of fun!!

Today Payton ate from a spoon for the very first time!!! This AM she ate cereal, she only had about four to five spoonfuls and then she was done! Then she drink all five oz. of her bottle!!! Then at lunch time she ate sweet potatoes. I think she liked those because she would actually smack her lips to try to taste the veges.!!! Every time I went to feed her she would lean her head all the way back to try to get away, but I would put the food on the roof of her mouth to make her at least try a few bites. I am so proud of my big girl!! I can't believe it is already time to start eating solids!! 

                                  Mmmmm!!! Sweet potatoes!!! They were yummy!!
                                                She looks like a big girl!!!

                                                     Cereal!! Yum Yum!!
Payton's first time ever eating from a spoon!!! Look how far she was leaning back!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Look who is 4 months!!!

Payton turned 4 months old on the 5th of May!! I can't believe it has already been 4 months!! We went to the doctor today and Payton had to get three shots in the leg and then she had to drink one. She now weighs 13 lbs. & 14 oz. She is 25 in. long!!! She has almost doubled her birth weight!!! My good friend Meesh made her some bows so she could look very cute and stylish!! She doesn't mind them on her head anymore, so that is a good thing!!! 
Thank you Meesh for making Payton all these pretty bows!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My dad can arrest your dad!!!

Payton got this t-shirt from her Gi Gi (Richard's mom) that says "My dad can arrest your dad". I have been dying to put her in it so I figured this gloomy, rainy day would be the day!! Well of course, I had to take a picture of her and her daddy before he went to work! The picture did not turn out so well because Payton was not a happy baby!!! But I got some of just her and they turned out very well!!! Hope everyone is having a good day!!!

Payton is not very happy!! Oh well maybe next time she will be happy!!!
Payton and her daddy! ( Sorry about cutting her head half off Richard!!)

My dad can arrest your dad!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Welcome Aylin

My niece Aylin Jewel Jefferies was born yesterday (May 1, 2009) at 6:36 pm. She has a head full of black hair and is itty bitty. She weighed 5 lbs and 14 oz. and was 19.5 inches long. Blair had to have a c-section, but both mommy and baby are doing well. Here are some pictures of the little cutie!!!

                                           Payton says gimme that baby!!!
                                            Aunt Ju and Aylin
                          Payton and baby Aylin's first photo together!!!

                                            Look at that hair!!