Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our new house in the making! :)

Richard and I finally decided to take the plunge and buy a house!! We need a house for Payton and Sadee!! Payton will be so excited when she will get to play in the backyard!!! And we will be so happy when we get to let Sadee out the back door to go outside!!! We are so happy that we can finally give Payton a home to grow up in and make lots of memories of her young childhood!! Next time we have a house she will be able to help us move!!!  We close on the house on August 7!!!!

                   This is our property!!! It looks like a lot of land, but its really not!!!
                                    Here we are standing in the garage!!!
They had this up in a matter of a week from the above picture!!!!  The front of the house
One side of the house!! The side with the side door that leads to the back porch!!
                     The back of the house!! See our little back porch!!!
                    This is the house again within two days of the above pictures!!!!!

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