Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our day trip to Nashville

We had such a great "quick" trip to Nashville on Wednesday. We drove up there Wednesday morning we checked into our hotel and went shopping!!! We Just shopped and walked around Opry Mills all day long!!! Payton had a good time watching all the neat things we passed. We took pictures in front of the Rainforest cafe. That was very neat, but we decided to eat at the Aquarium because we though Payton would be able to see all the fish and sharks in the huge tank. Then we watched the diver feed the fish... That was really neat!!! Later that night we took Payton swimming at the hotel in the indoor pool. She still didn't like the pool. Oh well maybe next time. Thank you daddy (Richard) for taking us to Nashvegas.. We had such a great time. We love you very much!!!

                                                  Payton and I after swimming!!
                                                    Before swimming!!
                                            Trying to get Payton to sit with the shark
                                   Payton and Richard watching the fish and the sharks.
                                                 Richard at the Aquarium!!
                                                  In front of the Rainforest cafe!!

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  1. that's pretty cute. i still have her outfit, which she WILL get before 4th of July. also, how about you copy rachel with a daytrip to nashville!? jk. i'm going to have to take one now to fit in!