Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well I got cancelled from work today!! Who would have known it seems like lately everyone has been popping out little preemies, that I haven't had to worry about being cancelled. Oh well... Im getting to spend an unexpected day with my baby girl!!!!  So lately we have been very busy in our new home!! So I thought I could just post some pictures of Payton of course and show how big she is getting. Here recently she has learned how to army crawl and since then she has hit her face on the stool, bumped her head on the hardwood floors, and she has crawled right smack into the wall and scratched her face. Of course she has her daddy's skin and one side of her face was bright bright red. I felt so bad, but the next day all there was was just a little scratch by her eye!!! She is so moveable now she doesn't even want to be held!!! My baby is not a baby anymore!!!

We love eating on our cousins foot!!! It sure was yummy!!! Although Aylin didn't think it was too funny, Payton thought it was a ball!!
Payton always wants to have a hand on Aylin... She wants to pull her paci or hit her head!! She looks so interested in Aylin in this picture.
Big girl!! This is the first time she has sat in a high chair. She loved being able to touch the table with her hands and mouth. Yes there were lots of times where I would turn to look at her and her mouth would be wide open licking the table. 
She also had her first bubble bath in mommy's and daddy's tub. At first she was a little scared, but she eventually liked the bubbles enough to try to eat them. Look at that big ole belly poking out!!
This is Payton with her sunshades on!!! She acts like she doesn't even know they are on her face when she wears them. She is too cute!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Lots of pictures of our new home!! They are not in order nor grouped together!! Sorry!!! We also have not put up anything decorative on our walls or anything!!!! Sorry I forgot to put a picture up of the guest bedroom, but it is no where near done!!!!!
                                    Payton and her daddy on closing day!

                                               One view of the master bath
                                                 Our shower!! I love it!!
                                     One view of the master bedroom!!
                                                    My front porch looking in!!
                                                     My two girls!!!!

                                                 The kitchen and our new fridge!!!
                           Where my new kitchen table will go when I get one!!
                                     View of living room from our front door!!
                                              The other view of the living room!!
                                                  View from the recliner!!!
                                          Our bath tub in the master bath!!
                                                      Payton's/guest bathroom!!
                                                    Payton's bedroom (1 view)
                                       2nd view... One wall is Sweet Mimosa Orange....
The 3 other walls are Lemon Parfait Yellow.. and yes they are all the same yellow!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

6 months old today!!!

My baby is a half a year old today!!! I can't believe my baby is this old all ready!!! Richard and I are so thankful for such a wonderful baby who is so loving and so happy everyday!! She has truly made our lives such a blessing!!! Payton you are such a beautiful baby. I can't wait to watch you grow into a young lady. To see you personality and your spirit grow!! To teach you how to walk, talk, and how to say I love you!!! I love you so much baby and you make mine and your daddy's lives complete!! I can't imagine life without Payton and Richard!! I love my life and my family!!!! Happy 6 months Payton!!! We love you!!!!

                                                  Such a beautiful smile

Update on the house!!!

So our closing date is moving in very fast!!! We are so excited about having our own home!! We started picking out paint colors and talking about what kind of flowers and plants we are going to plant!!! We took some pictures today!! Hope you enjoy!!!
Here is the view from the dining room looking to the living room and the front door!!!
               This is standing in the living room looking toward the kitchen!!!
                                          Here is another picture of the outside!!!!

Happy 4th of July.

So yesterday was Payton's first 4th of July celebration. We had a good day with family and friends!!! Payton had another first on this day!!! I did something I thought i would never do. I would always talk bad about the people who would bring their infants/toddlers to the movies. Well I was one of those mom's on the 4th. Payton, me, mom, Tessa, and her friend all went to see my Sister's Keeper. Payton was such a good baby!! She ate her bottle and bananas. She slept for about 30 minutes and then watched the movie with us!! I truly believe I have the best baby!! I didn't even have to walk out with her!!!  I was so proud of my big girl!!!!

Here we are drinking a bottle while watching the previews!! The previews were very loud and scared Payton, but she did so well.

Payton didn't know what to think about that huge TV. She was unsure about the screen at first, but she quickly got used to it!!!
Our picture in front of the Malco!!! I'm so proud of you baby. You are the best baby in the whole wide world!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009


We went to Destin last weekend for my cousin's wedding!! Let me just tell you I was so jealous of their beach wedding. Don't get me wrong my wedding was beautiful, but it has always been my dream to get married on the beach, barefoot in the sand... Oh i need to quit dreaming!!! Anyways, Payton was the best baby ever for the 8 hour car ride on Friday, rehersal dinner that night, beach all day Saturday, which she loved, and then an 8 hour car ride home on Sunday!! Payton you are the best baby a mom could ask for!! I love you so much sweet pea!!

              We finally got there baby!! You were a wonderful little girl!!
                                                           She loves the sand!!! 
                     Yeah for the ocean!!! She watched the waves all day!!
                                                Posing with our cousin Heather!!
Going home!! Such a happy and beautiful baby!!! You got to love this little smile/giggle thing she has going on in the picture!!! I love you Payton Renee....  Love your mommy!!!