Friday, July 3, 2009


We went to Destin last weekend for my cousin's wedding!! Let me just tell you I was so jealous of their beach wedding. Don't get me wrong my wedding was beautiful, but it has always been my dream to get married on the beach, barefoot in the sand... Oh i need to quit dreaming!!! Anyways, Payton was the best baby ever for the 8 hour car ride on Friday, rehersal dinner that night, beach all day Saturday, which she loved, and then an 8 hour car ride home on Sunday!! Payton you are the best baby a mom could ask for!! I love you so much sweet pea!!

              We finally got there baby!! You were a wonderful little girl!!
                                                           She loves the sand!!! 
                     Yeah for the ocean!!! She watched the waves all day!!
                                                Posing with our cousin Heather!!
Going home!! Such a happy and beautiful baby!!! You got to love this little smile/giggle thing she has going on in the picture!!! I love you Payton Renee....  Love your mommy!!!

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