Sunday, July 19, 2009


Lots of pictures of our new home!! They are not in order nor grouped together!! Sorry!!! We also have not put up anything decorative on our walls or anything!!!! Sorry I forgot to put a picture up of the guest bedroom, but it is no where near done!!!!!
                                    Payton and her daddy on closing day!

                                               One view of the master bath
                                                 Our shower!! I love it!!
                                     One view of the master bedroom!!
                                                    My front porch looking in!!
                                                     My two girls!!!!

                                                 The kitchen and our new fridge!!!
                           Where my new kitchen table will go when I get one!!
                                     View of living room from our front door!!
                                              The other view of the living room!!
                                                  View from the recliner!!!
                                          Our bath tub in the master bath!!
                                                      Payton's/guest bathroom!!
                                                    Payton's bedroom (1 view)
                                       2nd view... One wall is Sweet Mimosa Orange....
The 3 other walls are Lemon Parfait Yellow.. and yes they are all the same yellow!!

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