Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well I got cancelled from work today!! Who would have known it seems like lately everyone has been popping out little preemies, that I haven't had to worry about being cancelled. Oh well... Im getting to spend an unexpected day with my baby girl!!!!  So lately we have been very busy in our new home!! So I thought I could just post some pictures of Payton of course and show how big she is getting. Here recently she has learned how to army crawl and since then she has hit her face on the stool, bumped her head on the hardwood floors, and she has crawled right smack into the wall and scratched her face. Of course she has her daddy's skin and one side of her face was bright bright red. I felt so bad, but the next day all there was was just a little scratch by her eye!!! She is so moveable now she doesn't even want to be held!!! My baby is not a baby anymore!!!

We love eating on our cousins foot!!! It sure was yummy!!! Although Aylin didn't think it was too funny, Payton thought it was a ball!!
Payton always wants to have a hand on Aylin... She wants to pull her paci or hit her head!! She looks so interested in Aylin in this picture.
Big girl!! This is the first time she has sat in a high chair. She loved being able to touch the table with her hands and mouth. Yes there were lots of times where I would turn to look at her and her mouth would be wide open licking the table. 
She also had her first bubble bath in mommy's and daddy's tub. At first she was a little scared, but she eventually liked the bubbles enough to try to eat them. Look at that big ole belly poking out!!
This is Payton with her sunshades on!!! She acts like she doesn't even know they are on her face when she wears them. She is too cute!!!

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