Saturday, August 29, 2009

Photo shoot!!!

{ Picture Overload....}
             Our family in front of the church where we were married
                                                   Yeah for a train!!
                                                   My sweet little girl!!

                                                       I love my family!!
                                                     Daddy and his little girl!!
                                                            Cutie pie!!

                                                  Payton and her cousin Aylin
                                   "Aylin follow me and we will get out of here"
                                              "Whatever I'll just pull you!!"
                                 Daddy and baby getting some water!

                                                 Baby Aylin!
                                                  Ki Ki and her girls!!

Thursday afternoon stroll...

We decided to go for a walk Thursday afternoon at Shelby Farms. It was going good Payton was riding along in her stroller and Richard and I were enjoying a nice conversation when little miss sweet pea started screaming her head off. We couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. We tried feeding her, putting lots of toys in the stroller with her.. nothing seemed to work, but this....
                                                                      So for...
                                                       two and a half miles....
                                                            the stroller was....

We love you Payton doodle!!! you always keep us on our toes!!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Date night in Pj's!!!!

Payton's new ride!!

We bought Payton a new "big girl" car seat!! She absolutely hates it!! Every time I put her in it she screams her head off !! She will eventually quiet down, but the initial "put in" session is bad!! I hope she will get used to it because she will be in that seat for a long time!! It's very big and her and I both will need to get used to it!! She was sleeping the other day as we pulled into Target and I couldn't just grab the seat and go inside, I had to wake a sleeping beauty and taker her inside not so cheerful!! Who can noticed what the most common source of entertainment is??

First day at daycare

On August 10th, Payton started daycare!!! I hate that I have to put her in daycare, but I can't go part-time yet at work so it was the only option!!! Richard and I both took her that morning and only spent 15 minutes dropping her off!! I thought I did pretty good considering I was leaving my daughter with people I didn't even know!! She spent 4 hours total at day care that day and they said she did wonderful!!! She played with all the new toys and all her new friends!!! The only thing that Payton won't do at daycare is SLEEP!! She will sleep for 15 to 20 minutes tops everyday I take her!! So I go pick her up around 2 o clock so she can come home and nap!!! I'm so proud of my girl for being such a good girl for her nice teachers!!!

                                  Payton's very first day at daycare. Such a big girl!!!
                                   Before Payton's 2nd day at school!!! She such a cutie!!!

Another first

All we can say is Thank you so much for saving us from the hot, burning sun and a jacked up Nissan. Richard's truck broke down on us one afternoon and we spent 2 hours waiting on the tow truck to come get the truck. Well Darlene saved the day!!! And of course I had to take a picture of Payton's first ride in a convertible!!! She's so cute!!! So here we are in the Solara!!! We are some cool chicks. Payton was pretty exhausted and one worn out baby. 

Tornado hide out!!!

A way long time ago there was a tornado that caused a lot of damage to the Cordova area. (I now I haven't blogged in a while). Payton and I spent about an hour in the hallway closet. Wow was it hard trying to keep a 7 month old entertained!! So you can tell by the one and only picture what was the source of her entertainment!!!  So please forgive the nappy hair!!! Richard and Sadee were running around the house listening to the news and looking outside while me and only me was there to please the child!!! OH LUCKY ME!!!!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

The life of Payton now days....

Its been very busy here in the household lately.  Payton started daycare this past week and she had a good week I believe. I've been working some overtime and Richard's been very busy keeping the house looking good and mowing the lawn trying to keep the yard look good. I have pictures to post and a baby too feed. Hope everyone is enjoying the end of their summer.
                                                          My little sunflower!!!
                                                         Payton's new winter jacket. !!
                                                   Her new tutu!!! It looks so cute on her!!!