Thursday, August 27, 2009

First day at daycare

On August 10th, Payton started daycare!!! I hate that I have to put her in daycare, but I can't go part-time yet at work so it was the only option!!! Richard and I both took her that morning and only spent 15 minutes dropping her off!! I thought I did pretty good considering I was leaving my daughter with people I didn't even know!! She spent 4 hours total at day care that day and they said she did wonderful!!! She played with all the new toys and all her new friends!!! The only thing that Payton won't do at daycare is SLEEP!! She will sleep for 15 to 20 minutes tops everyday I take her!! So I go pick her up around 2 o clock so she can come home and nap!!! I'm so proud of my girl for being such a good girl for her nice teachers!!!

                                  Payton's very first day at daycare. Such a big girl!!!
                                   Before Payton's 2nd day at school!!! She such a cutie!!!

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