Saturday, August 29, 2009

Photo shoot!!!

{ Picture Overload....}
             Our family in front of the church where we were married
                                                   Yeah for a train!!
                                                   My sweet little girl!!

                                                       I love my family!!
                                                     Daddy and his little girl!!
                                                            Cutie pie!!

                                                  Payton and her cousin Aylin
                                   "Aylin follow me and we will get out of here"
                                              "Whatever I'll just pull you!!"
                                 Daddy and baby getting some water!

                                                 Baby Aylin!
                                                  Ki Ki and her girls!!

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  1. Those pictures are too cute. Aylin got big and I love Payton's smile.

    P.S. I've totally been watching OTH and I think you named her Payton after P. Sawyer! Yeah, I said it!