Monday, September 28, 2009

Family, Family, Family!

So this past weekend we went to Pine Bluff, AR to visit Payton's grandparents and great great grandparents. We haven't see Richard's dad and stepmom since Payton was 2 weeks old. Its been a long time. Richards grandpa Davis has never seen Payton. It was very good to see everyone. Payton really enjoyed her Aunt Brianna. Payton just tried to crawl wherever she was!!! Brianna made Payton a blanket to match her jacket Ki Ki bought her a while ago. It is very cute and Payton loved it!! Payton also got her first standup toy. she looks like such a big girl now when she stands to play at the toy!! Payton also got to pick out her very first pumpkin!!! Thank you so much Grandpa and Grandma Davis for all the goodies!!! We enjoyed seeing you all.!!
So this is what Payton looked like when we first met grandpa and grandma Davis.... Now look at her!!!
                       Payton and her Grandpa Davis at the Pumpkin Patch!!
This is the pumpkin Payton picked out!! haha No we picked a much smaller version for our little baby!!
                                        Payton laughing at Brianna!!
                                           Daddy, Payton, and Great grandpa Davis. 
                          Payton in her new hat and scarf!!  Thank you Ms. Alice!!
                                  I love her new hat and scarf!!! She looks so darn cute!!
Payton playing with her new toy!! Thanks again Grandpa and Grandma Davis for the toy... Thank you Brianna for the blanket!!!

Emery's 1st birthday weekend!!

First off I wanted to wish Emery Jean a happy first birthday. Her birthday was on the 22 of this month and we had a blast at her party on the 19. Payton has not seen her cousins in a long time, so it was great for Payton to see Bailey and Emery!!! We got to Van Buren on Friday and spent the afternoon with the girls outside. Payton walked in a walker for the very first time. We went shopping Friday night and then talked outside till the wee hours of the morning. Saturday was Emery's 1st birthday party... She got lots of cool toys and had one yummy cake. We left for home Sunday afternoon. We had such a wonderful time with the family!!
                                 Spending the day in Fayetteville (sp), AR. 
                                                    The birthday girl!!!
                                      Payton and Emery just chillin in their PJ's!!!
                                         What are ya'll getting into??!!!
                                       Payton and Gi Gi in their shades!!!
                                                      Cake face!!!
                                           Emery and her Winnie the Pooh cake!!!
                                               All the kids at the birthday party!!!
                                         Miss Payton with her birthday hat on!!!

                                  Bailey and Emery.. The birthday girl!!!
                                            Emmy loving her balloon!!!
                               What can we say!!! We love the HOGS!!!
                                      Payton on the fifty with her daddy!!!
Payton's 1st time in a walker!! Thank you Emery for letting us borrow it for the day!!

She's a beauty!!!

Richard found this pillowcase dress at the Germantown Festival!! He did such a great job picking it out!!! Notice the dragonfly bow... he picked out the bow all by himself also!!!  He such a daddy!1 We love you!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh what a beauty!!

I picked out some very stylish outfits at babies-r-us the other night. On clearance also, buy one get one for one dollar!!! I just love this outfit because it almost looks like something of Ed Hardy to me at least!!! She is such a cutie!  And those shoes I just love!! She's getting to big on me!!!! Here is my miss priss before going to daycare!!!
                                                             My big girl!!!
                                                     Posing for the camera!!
                                            Payton doodle and her daddy!!
Trying to bounce in her shoes!! Sorry Payton those shoes do not squeak like your other ones!!

Bath time is fun!!!

So we got to visit with Payton's cousins this past weekend. We had such a blast. Emery and Payton are about 4 months apart.  Bailey is almost 5 now. Man has she gotten so tall. Payton and Emery took a bath together. I only have a few decent pictures of the two of them together. Looking through all the pictures of the girls in the bathtub, there were no pictures of them together that I could put up her!!!  Sorry!

                                      Me and Bailey bug giving the girls a bath!!!
                                                   Payton eating her ducky!!
                                                 Emmy eating the toy thing!!!
                                                Beautiful little girl!!!
                                                       My baby girl!!
The bath time together was a great success!! They both loved there baths and they smelled like sweet sweet angels for the rest of the day!!!

Payton doodles new toy box

Payton has the best daddy in the world... He made her her very own toy box because our living room was becoming her bog toy box. So we went to Jo Ann's and found everything w needed ( that is the best store ever). Daddy did everything by himself with no help from Mommy. 

This is the front of the toy box. Mommy did not take very good pictures because on the side there are flowers and suns on them.
Here is the beginning...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The weather outside is


We are loving the weather right now!! We went on a hour walk this afternoon and then we went outside in the backyard and brushed Sadee!!!  Payton thought that was the funniest thing when I had to hold down Nee Nee and and chase her around the backyard!!! I got one picture of this hilarious occasion!!

Look out boys....

She's got her dancing shoes on.....

She is such a big girl now!! We had to buy her shoes the other day b/c her feet are always cold and she won't keep on socks. So hopefully she will get used to wearing her shoes and start doing big girl things in them like standing up or even walking in the next couple of months!!!