Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bath time is fun!!!

So we got to visit with Payton's cousins this past weekend. We had such a blast. Emery and Payton are about 4 months apart.  Bailey is almost 5 now. Man has she gotten so tall. Payton and Emery took a bath together. I only have a few decent pictures of the two of them together. Looking through all the pictures of the girls in the bathtub, there were no pictures of them together that I could put up her!!!  Sorry!

                                      Me and Bailey bug giving the girls a bath!!!
                                                   Payton eating her ducky!!
                                                 Emmy eating the toy thing!!!
                                                Beautiful little girl!!!
                                                       My baby girl!!
The bath time together was a great success!! They both loved there baths and they smelled like sweet sweet angels for the rest of the day!!!

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