Monday, September 28, 2009

Family, Family, Family!

So this past weekend we went to Pine Bluff, AR to visit Payton's grandparents and great great grandparents. We haven't see Richard's dad and stepmom since Payton was 2 weeks old. Its been a long time. Richards grandpa Davis has never seen Payton. It was very good to see everyone. Payton really enjoyed her Aunt Brianna. Payton just tried to crawl wherever she was!!! Brianna made Payton a blanket to match her jacket Ki Ki bought her a while ago. It is very cute and Payton loved it!! Payton also got her first standup toy. she looks like such a big girl now when she stands to play at the toy!! Payton also got to pick out her very first pumpkin!!! Thank you so much Grandpa and Grandma Davis for all the goodies!!! We enjoyed seeing you all.!!
So this is what Payton looked like when we first met grandpa and grandma Davis.... Now look at her!!!
                       Payton and her Grandpa Davis at the Pumpkin Patch!!
This is the pumpkin Payton picked out!! haha No we picked a much smaller version for our little baby!!
                                        Payton laughing at Brianna!!
                                           Daddy, Payton, and Great grandpa Davis. 
                          Payton in her new hat and scarf!!  Thank you Ms. Alice!!
                                  I love her new hat and scarf!!! She looks so darn cute!!
Payton playing with her new toy!! Thanks again Grandpa and Grandma Davis for the toy... Thank you Brianna for the blanket!!!

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