Sunday, October 25, 2009

Zoo Boo 2009

Went to Zoo Boo last night to support LeBonheur Children's Hospital. It was so much fun to see all the little kiddies there dressed up in their Halloween costume!!! We had so much fun dressing Payton up in her butterfly costume!! She looked so darn cute!!! Anyways we walked around the zoo and saw all kinds of lights and scary displays!! Payton was not scared at all! She was to interested in watching everything and everybody!! She is going to be a very nosey little girl!!                            Daddy, Payton , and Mommy at Zoo Boo. 
                                        Payton eating on a mini pumpkin!!!
    Is the pumpkin eating Payton or is Payton eating the pumpkin!?
                                                    Mommy and Payton!
                                          The pretty little butterfly!
                                               My little butterfly crawling away!!
                                  Hey daddy!! What did that clown put in here???
                                                 Oh I see some Mini MM's!!

                                   Mommy, Payton, and the Fairy Hippo!!!
                                                    Us with the Memphis Tiger!
                                           Getting ready to go to the Zoo Boo!!
                                   Payton and Tessa in their Halloween costumes!!

Payton and Tessa again! We had such a great time at the Zoo Boo!!! Can't wait till next year!! I wondering what Payton will be in 2010!!!   I love you sweet girl!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Game Day!!

Today Arkansas got trampled on by Ole Miss. Oh well, at least Payton and I had fun dressing up and taking pictures!!! We did our family pictures today outside and had a ball!! Sadee was in the pictures and we just couldn't get her to cooperate the way we wanted her too!!! Richard and I had a very hard time not squinting so all the pictures look funny!! But we did get a couple of good ones and some great ones of Payton!! 

                                          Payton with her two pumpkins!!!
                                              Payton eating her dirty pumpkin

                                     Awww this one is a good one!!!
                                 Sadee saying I have had enough of this
                       Sadee being goofy!! Payton thinks she is funny!
                                     Oh no everyone watch out!!!
                                                  My beautiful family!!
                                               Whoooo pig sooie!!!!
                                       Payton is that too front teeth you got there!!!

P.S. We wanted to say congrats to Kristi and David! They had a beautiful baby boy on the 23rd name Hunter!! We can't wait to meet you Hunter!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

A daddy and me kind of day...

So this past weekend of course mommy had to work, so daddy and I went to the Cedar Hill Pumpkin Patch. We met my Ki Ki, Paw Paw, Auntie Blur and Aylin there. We had a great time together. It sure was cold, but that didn't stop us from exploring the whole place. We saw lots of pumpkin's, hay, went on a hay ride. I got to pick out my very own pumpkin!!! For my first fall I have two pumpkins!!! My favorite part was looking at all the animals!! I would talk to them about life and asked them what they liked to eat!! I sure did miss mommy, but she had to go take care of sick babies all weekend!!! I hope you enjoy the pictures!!

                                     I love looking at my daddy!!
                                      This is my very own pumpkin!!!
                             I am sitting on a PILE of pumpkins!
                           My daddy and I in a whole bunch of corn!
                                    Ki Ki, Aylin, Paw Paw, and Me!!
                                     My daddy, Me, Auntie Blair, and Aylin
                                                         Aylin and I
                                     My Ki Ki and I looking at the animals!

 I'm so excited!!  Thank you so much daddy for taking me!! Maybe mommy can come with us next year!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

She's gonna be a baller!!!

So I think my little girl is going to grow up and be like her momma!!!  I gave her one of my old basketball's from years ago and she loves it!! We play roll, and then I show her how to shoot it up in the air. She just laughs every time I throw it in the air!!!  She is so cute with the mini basketball!! Maybe one day Richard and I will be siting at her basketball games in high school!!

            That's right. Momma's girl is already palming a basketball!!!
               She is such a happy baby!! She loves her new basketball!!!

Payton... What's for dinner??

So tonight Payton and I had dinner together like we do almost every night!!! Tonight was a little different because I decided to feed Payton what I was having. So I cut up some carrots... cooked the peas with the carrots and gave her a few bites of chicken.! No baby food what so ever tonight!!! I am trying to do different foods with Payton so she gets used to chewing stuff up. She gags on everything she puts in her mouth! So we are trying new things everyday and trying not to gag. 
What's this mommy?? It sure does look good!!!  Did you make this all by your self!!!
                                          Payton feeding Sadee as usual!!!
                                     Yeah a happy baby that likes her veges!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

It's been a while!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Its been a long couple of weeks. I haven't done much, but Payton is keeping me on my toes every day!! We went for her 9 month check up on the 6th. She weighs 20 pounds, is 28.5 inches long. Both are in the 75th percentile. We would have gotten away from the doctor with no shots except I really wanted Payton to get the seasonal flu shot. (Sorry baby girl) We will have to go back next month to get the 2nd part of the shot!! Anyways life around here is hectic. Payton is pulling up on everything Walking around the couches... She gets brave sometimes and lets go and stands all by herself for up to 20 seconds!! My big girl is going to walk any day now I just know it!! She is getting into EVERYTHING!!! The fireplace, the trash, Sadee's water bowl, the dryer, pulling over the candle holders, trying to pull over the lamp, and possibly the worst yet... She put her hands in the toilet the other day!! GROSS!!! We bought her a push toy and she pushes it all across the floor! She even walks behind it. My big girl is walking with the help of a toy!!! Her two front teeth popped through the other day. The ends are sticking out just a little bit. She has been very fussy with these two teeth.  She is so much fun to hang out with everyday!! I wish I didn't have to work so I could stay home and just have a blast with my baby girl!!

Big girl... before going to the doctor!! She has no idea what mommy has gotten her into (the Flu shot)!!!  Sporting our Adidas gear.