Saturday, October 24, 2009

Game Day!!

Today Arkansas got trampled on by Ole Miss. Oh well, at least Payton and I had fun dressing up and taking pictures!!! We did our family pictures today outside and had a ball!! Sadee was in the pictures and we just couldn't get her to cooperate the way we wanted her too!!! Richard and I had a very hard time not squinting so all the pictures look funny!! But we did get a couple of good ones and some great ones of Payton!! 

                                          Payton with her two pumpkins!!!
                                              Payton eating her dirty pumpkin

                                     Awww this one is a good one!!!
                                 Sadee saying I have had enough of this
                       Sadee being goofy!! Payton thinks she is funny!
                                     Oh no everyone watch out!!!
                                                  My beautiful family!!
                                               Whoooo pig sooie!!!!
                                       Payton is that too front teeth you got there!!!

P.S. We wanted to say congrats to Kristi and David! They had a beautiful baby boy on the 23rd name Hunter!! We can't wait to meet you Hunter!!

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  1. could she get any cuter?? i dont think so.. love the smocked dress!!