Sunday, October 25, 2009

Zoo Boo 2009

Went to Zoo Boo last night to support LeBonheur Children's Hospital. It was so much fun to see all the little kiddies there dressed up in their Halloween costume!!! We had so much fun dressing Payton up in her butterfly costume!! She looked so darn cute!!! Anyways we walked around the zoo and saw all kinds of lights and scary displays!! Payton was not scared at all! She was to interested in watching everything and everybody!! She is going to be a very nosey little girl!!                            Daddy, Payton , and Mommy at Zoo Boo. 
                                        Payton eating on a mini pumpkin!!!
    Is the pumpkin eating Payton or is Payton eating the pumpkin!?
                                                    Mommy and Payton!
                                          The pretty little butterfly!
                                               My little butterfly crawling away!!
                                  Hey daddy!! What did that clown put in here???
                                                 Oh I see some Mini MM's!!

                                   Mommy, Payton, and the Fairy Hippo!!!
                                                    Us with the Memphis Tiger!
                                           Getting ready to go to the Zoo Boo!!
                                   Payton and Tessa in their Halloween costumes!!

Payton and Tessa again! We had such a great time at the Zoo Boo!!! Can't wait till next year!! I wondering what Payton will be in 2010!!!   I love you sweet girl!!!


  1. She does look so cute dressed in her butterfly costume!

  2. Mom said you would want to go to Zoo Lights with us :) Sorry we missed out o Zoo Boo, maybe next year we can come too