Friday, November 6, 2009

10 months!!

On the 5th Payton was 10 months old!!!  Sorry its late,but I have been working the past couple of days!!! Time is flying by with Payton and before I know it she is going to be in Kindergarten!! Richard and I love her so very much and we couldn't possibly imagine what are lives would be like today without her!!! Payton doodle--- You are such a happy baby and love to laugh!! You love you LOVE to terrorize Sadee!! You are still in a size three diaper and you will not take a bottle during the day!! You will only take your night time bottle!! You had your first very own meal at McAlisters it was a grilled cheese and applesauce!! You loved it!!! You love to say Ma Ma and you love to get the rocks out of the fireplace!! We tell you NO alot, but you just look at us and smile!!! You took three steps to your daddy with no help on October 25, 2009!! Such a big girl!!!

Pictures for birthday invitation

So Payton's 1st birthday is creeping up on me!!! I know I know her birthday is not until January, but with the holiday's approaching ever so quickly, I decided to go ahead and get Payton's pictures done in her "1" shirt!!!!  Thank you Rachel for taking such great pictures of my little one!! I really do love them!! Payton was so good and photogenic that afternoon!!! I can't wait to order her birthday invitations very soon!!

My favorite picture of all!! This is how Payton smiles almost all the time!! It's one of those smiling/laughing smile!!

                                                          Eating a leaf!!

                                                This is one of my favorites!!!
                                                     Touching the tree!!!! 
     Beautiful, beautiful baby girl!!! Mommy and Daddy love you so very much!!