Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thank you Santa for....

Thank you Santa for....
my toothbrush and
toothpaste so
I can have....

Santa came to our house!!

We had to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve because I had to work on Christmas day! So we wrote Santa a letter and asked him to visit Payton a day early!!! Well he sure did visit!! Payton face was so funny when she woke up and saw all the presents!! She is so like her momma because she was very slow going towards them and acting very shy!!!  Haha I cant wait to watch her from years to come!!! 
The very first picture of Christmas morning!!
My little piglet would find the food first!!!
Bella and Payton checking out the new toys that Santa brought!
Yes I know her PJ's dont match! We had a 3 AM accident!!
Payton's picture with all her Santa gifts!!!
Daddy's new jacket from Payton!!
All of Mommy's presents!! I have my hood up due to my bad hair!!
Christmas Eve's at Blairs!!
Aylin sitting on her present!!
Payton's new clothes!!!
Payton checking out her new toy!!
She is looking really hard!!
Aylin in her new jacket!!
Aylin and her new baby!!
Bobby and his new sweatshirt!!
Payton cheesing for the camera!!
Tessa's new lotion and spray!!
Mom and dad's pictures!!!
The two new babies added to Christmas this year!! I remember last year at Christmas Eve.. I was all swollen and tired and eating a whole whole lot! This year I watched my beautiful daughter open gifts all day long and LOVED every minute of it!!!

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!

Christmas a weekend early!!

We went to Pine Bluff, AR to celebrate Christmas with Richard's family!! We had a good time, while Payton had a great time!! Payton sure does have grandparents that spoil her rotten!! My house looks like a section at Wal-Mart! She got lots of toys and a recliner!! We had a great time with them and cant wait to see them all again!!
Christmas with the Davis's
Payton loving her new toys!!!
Lounging ing the recliner that Grandpa Davis got her
Riding on my new rocking horse!!
Christmas with the Phillips!!
"WOW" mom look at this!!!
Thanks Uncle Randy and Aunt Sherrie!!!
Checking out my new red rocket!
We went to Pine Bluff as a family of four! (1 baby and 1 dog)
Came home as a family of five!!
Welcome to our family Bella!!
Payton and Bella checking out the cooking oil!!

Payton's 1st Christmas program!

On Friday the 18th, Payton had her first Christmas program at daycare!! She did such a great job up on the stage!! They danced to Jingle Bells, well they shook bells and stood there to Jingle Bells!!! She wore a Santa hat and looked so darn cute up on that stage!! 
My Jingle Bell Baby!!

Good bye dear "expensive" friend

So Im late in writing all of these post but it has been crazy busy around the Davis household! We've all been sick and then Christmas!! Around the 15th, I believe, we used the very last 3 scoops of our dear old friend Nestle... I am so proud of Payton switching to whole milk like a big girl!! She loves the milk, but only out of a bottle! I have tried every one of our many sippy's and she just wont have it! So the only time we get milk is right before we go to bed for the night!! I'm hoping after her first birthday we will be able to find the perfect sippy for milk!! 
Oh sweet nestle goodstart... you have been so wonderful and and kind to our little girls tummy!! We will miss you so much, but my sweet little bank account will not miss you at all!! With all our love.. we will see you again with our next baby!! Bye Bye for now!!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Enchanted Forest!

We had a great time today walking through the Enchanted Forest at the Pink Palace!! Payton loved to look at all the lights and snowman!! Aylin got to come along for the day and see the lights too!! We had a great day inside while its not so nice outside with the rain and coldness!! Hope everyone enjoyed their Saturday as much as we did!!

                           Payton taking a rest on daddy's shoulders!!!!
                                           Aylin and I at the Enchanted Forest!
                                        Payton looking at the snowman!!
                                        Aylin with the reindeer!
Payton trying to pick at the fake snow and Aylin trying to figure out what she is sitting with!
                                  Payton and Aylin with the snow!!
                                     Payton and Aylin with the snowman!!
                                             Aylin with the snowman!!!

                              My beautiful little baby standing with the snowman!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Yay for Ice Cream!!

We went to visit family and celebrate Payton's great grandpa's birthday at Browns!! We had so much fun visiting family and enjoying the wonderful food!! Payton got to eat lots of different food and for dessert she had....
Oh how she enjoyed licking and chewing all on the ice cream and the cone!! She even got smart and turned it upside down to catch the dripping ice cream from the bottom!! She sat there like the big girl she is and enjoyed every last bit of that ice cream cone!!