Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good bye dear "expensive" friend

So Im late in writing all of these post but it has been crazy busy around the Davis household! We've all been sick and then Christmas!! Around the 15th, I believe, we used the very last 3 scoops of our dear old friend Nestle... I am so proud of Payton switching to whole milk like a big girl!! She loves the milk, but only out of a bottle! I have tried every one of our many sippy's and she just wont have it! So the only time we get milk is right before we go to bed for the night!! I'm hoping after her first birthday we will be able to find the perfect sippy for milk!! 
Oh sweet nestle goodstart... you have been so wonderful and and kind to our little girls tummy!! We will miss you so much, but my sweet little bank account will not miss you at all!! With all our love.. we will see you again with our next baby!! Bye Bye for now!!!

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