Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Santa came to our house!!

We had to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve because I had to work on Christmas day! So we wrote Santa a letter and asked him to visit Payton a day early!!! Well he sure did visit!! Payton face was so funny when she woke up and saw all the presents!! She is so like her momma because she was very slow going towards them and acting very shy!!!  Haha I cant wait to watch her from years to come!!! 
The very first picture of Christmas morning!!
My little piglet would find the food first!!!
Bella and Payton checking out the new toys that Santa brought!
Yes I know her PJ's dont match! We had a 3 AM accident!!
Payton's picture with all her Santa gifts!!!
Daddy's new jacket from Payton!!
All of Mommy's presents!! I have my hood up due to my bad hair!!
Christmas Eve's at Blairs!!
Aylin sitting on her present!!
Payton's new clothes!!!
Payton checking out her new toy!!
She is looking really hard!!
Aylin in her new jacket!!
Aylin and her new baby!!
Bobby and his new sweatshirt!!
Payton cheesing for the camera!!
Tessa's new lotion and spray!!
Mom and dad's pictures!!!
The two new babies added to Christmas this year!! I remember last year at Christmas Eve.. I was all swollen and tired and eating a whole whole lot! This year I watched my beautiful daughter open gifts all day long and LOVED every minute of it!!!

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