Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vegas Baby!!

Richard and I were able to go to Las Vegas, NV for Uncle Randy's and Sherrie's Wedding!! My mom kept doodle bug and Richard and I went to join the festivities in Vegas!! We had a great time walking the strip and just seeing ALL there is to see in Vegas. We walked around the Freemont Experience on Thursday night! Walked the strip Friday morning! Went to the weeding Friday early evening and the finished walking the strip on Friday night!! We woke up Saturday morning and went an toured the Hoover Dam!! We had a fantastic time and saw some awesome things! But I was sure glad to get home to my doodle bug!!!

The pool and slide at our hotel!
Our hotel entrance on Freemont street! 
Freemont Experience! The big white thing at the top is the world's largest TV screen! It's the size of 12,000 42 in. flat screens!

Every hour on the hour they play shows on the huge TV screen!
These shows played with music an lasted for about 10 minutes!

Richard and I with Elvis!! He really is alive!!

Long and funny story with the El Cortez!!
The pool at our hotel had a shark tank! The slide went right through the middle of it! Can you see the clear slide!!
The Stratosphere
Circus Circus
The Palazzo! It has a mall!!!
Randy and Sherrie before the wedding!
On our way to the wedding!!
The wedding chapel!
Richard and I in front of our hotel!!
The Flamingo
Casears Palace
Part of the Strip!
Richard and I in front of the Bellagio!
Oh the fountains!! This was my all time favorite part!!
At M&M World!

The Hoover Dam!
The new bridge they are building! Its going to be HUGE!
Richard and I at the Hoover Dam
That big thick line in the middle is the state line b/t Nevada & Arizona
Thats me in two places at once ( and two time zones, too)!

Yay! Finally home with our baby!
Mommy missed you so much doodle bug!! I love you!

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