Monday, May 31, 2010

Sprinkler Park!!

We went to the Sprinkler Park with Landon and Rachel today!! We had such an awesome time with our great friends!! We always say that Landon and Payton are going to get married because they are so cute together!! They have fights then they are best friends. They laugh together all the time!! Hey doesn't the saying go "The couple who laughs together, stays together!! " Well that is definitely these two kids!! And I keep telling Payton if she gets married to Landon she will never have to change any of her monogramming!!! 

We had a wonderful time with you guys!! Can't wait to do it again soon!!! 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What are we getting IN to lately!!

Can we just count the ways/things that Payton is getting IN too around the house lately!!!!

1. The Blocks Wagon!

2. The Laundry Basket!

3. Grocery Cart!

So as you can tell we are crazy busy in the Davis household lately! We also have lots of bruises on our shins and legs from trying to get OUT of each thing!!!   Its a crazy life, but I'm loving EVERY minute of it!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

As most of you know Payton spent and ENTIRE week in South Carolina without me! :(. She spent it with her Gi Gi and Pop Pop. I missed her dearly, there were times when I was off work that I just sat around waiting for her to come sit in my lap and read a book or play with her babies!! We met Gi Gi and Pop Pop in Chattnooga, TN which is exactly half way from our house to theirs.

We went to the Tennessee Aquarium, which was one of the best aquarium's I have ever been too! Payton had so much fun running around and around!! Every now and then she would take a peak at some animals!!

Richard and Payton getting ready to go inside!

Richard and Payton with the McCaws!

She loved sitting with the penguins!

Playing in the Shark cage with her daddy!

Looking at all the jellyfish! there were tons of jellyfish: Gigantic jellyfish, miniature jellyfish, even glowing jellyfish!!

Payton siting with the Jellyfish!

Gi Gi, Pop Pop, and Payton left for South Carolina after the aquarium so after that is was just Richard and I. I had forgotten what life was like with no child!! We really didn't know what to do. So we walked around downtown Chattanooga on Saturday night and went to bed early!

On Sunday, which was Mother's Day, I got a phone call from my doodle bug. It was so good to hear her screaming voice in the background! Then Richard and I went to Lookout Mountain to have some fun!! Then we went to at the time an unknown location where Richard had a surprise for me for Mother's Day!! We went to the Chattanoogan Hotel and Spa and I was pampered for a whole entire hour!! It was wonderful and by far the best pedicure I have ever received. 

Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there!! 

Monday, May 3, 2010

On our way to Me Me & Grandpa's House we go!

Easter weekend we drove over to Texarkana, AR to visit with Richard's Dad and step mom!! We haven't seen them since Christmas time so it's was a very much needed trip! We had a wonderful time seeing everyone!  We stopped in Little Rock, AR to eat lunch and run around for a hour or so! We ate lunch at the Flying Burrito and then walked to the River Walk Park! 

Payton reading her menu!
Daddy and Payton looking out over the bridge!
There they are at the tip of the slide!
Weeee!! That was a long slide!
My pretty girl posing on the rocks!
Running from daddy in the tunnel!
Whoa!!! Close up!
We finally made it to Texarkana! Look at Payton's new wagon!
Easter morning!
The Easter bunny thought Payton was very good!
Digging in!!
Fixing to begin the hunt!
She is such a diva!
Payton and I in two places at once!!
We had such an awesome visit with our family!! We miss them a lot, but when we see them its great!! We can't wait to see everyone again for VACAY!!!

Cozy Coupe!

On a beautiful day we love to take Payton and the dogs on a walk! It changes in how we take Payton if by stroller or by the Cozy! She loves to ride in the Cozy, but she also loves to try to get out while we are walking!! 

Here is Sadee and Bella all worn out one night after our walk! Bella is one wild little puppy! She still loves to chew on everything! You can't quite trust this one!! Sadee on the other hand is still as wonderful as ever! Having Bella around has really put a pep in Sadee's step!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Easter Eggtravaganza!

This right here is a girl on a mission with her TWO eggs! 

Payton had so much fun at the Extravaganza! She loved all the animals there!! 
Payton and daddy feeding the Llama
I thought these little chicks were so cute!!
Payton petting the bunny!
Payton and Aylin sitting with the Easter bunny!
She was not too fond of the Easter Bunny!
Showing Ki Ki her two eggs!!
Still holding on strong to her TWO eggs! She wouldn't pick up any more after both of her hands were full! She wouldn't put them into her basket. She only wanted hold the eggs! In ONE of her TWO eggs there was a sheet of paper that said WINNER!!
Here is Payton with her prize!! I guess she knows which TWO eggs to pick because my baby was a WINNER!!

Princess day!

One day at Payton's school they were celebrating Princess day!! I was working that day of course so Richard and Ki Ki had to come up with the perfect outfit for our little princess! We haven't really bought any dress-up clothes for her yet because she hates getting dressed!! So they put this outfit together!! It was so cute and they did a perfect job!! 

There is my beautiful princess!!! 
One day there will be no paci in the picture. 

Bear with me!!

So I am way behind in the blogging world!! SORRY about that! So I guess I will start where I left off!! All the way back to Easter!!  So enjoy!!!