Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

As most of you know Payton spent and ENTIRE week in South Carolina without me! :(. She spent it with her Gi Gi and Pop Pop. I missed her dearly, there were times when I was off work that I just sat around waiting for her to come sit in my lap and read a book or play with her babies!! We met Gi Gi and Pop Pop in Chattnooga, TN which is exactly half way from our house to theirs.

We went to the Tennessee Aquarium, which was one of the best aquarium's I have ever been too! Payton had so much fun running around and around!! Every now and then she would take a peak at some animals!!

Richard and Payton getting ready to go inside!

Richard and Payton with the McCaws!

She loved sitting with the penguins!

Playing in the Shark cage with her daddy!

Looking at all the jellyfish! there were tons of jellyfish: Gigantic jellyfish, miniature jellyfish, even glowing jellyfish!!

Payton siting with the Jellyfish!

Gi Gi, Pop Pop, and Payton left for South Carolina after the aquarium so after that is was just Richard and I. I had forgotten what life was like with no child!! We really didn't know what to do. So we walked around downtown Chattanooga on Saturday night and went to bed early!

On Sunday, which was Mother's Day, I got a phone call from my doodle bug. It was so good to hear her screaming voice in the background! Then Richard and I went to Lookout Mountain to have some fun!! Then we went to at the time an unknown location where Richard had a surprise for me for Mother's Day!! We went to the Chattanoogan Hotel and Spa and I was pampered for a whole entire hour!! It was wonderful and by far the best pedicure I have ever received. 

Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there!! 

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