Wednesday, June 2, 2010

For Memorial Day weekend we met Richard's side of the family at the lake!! We always have so much fun at the lake!! This year was the 1st year Payton could get in the water and boy did she!! Once you got her in it was so hard to get her out. We rode around on Uncle Randy's party barge and just had a blast!! 

Richard and Payton looking out on the water!

Sweet little Bailey bug!! She is getting so big and looking a lot older since last time we saw her! 
Bailey and "Uncle BOO" Showing their "love" signs!
Anissa and sweet Emery trying to enjoy the boat ride!! Emery was not too fond of the boat ride until she fell asleep! Every time we got on the boat Emery fell asleep!
The two little trouble makers getting into the ice!! I think we told the  zillion times to get out of the ice chest!! But did they listen?? NO!!!

Here is Payton in the water!! She is such a water bug now!!

This is Richard's brother Chris and our nieces Bailey and Emery!! They act so much like their daddy!! I had to get pictures of them acting crazy!! 

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  1. I'm not surprised that you would have someone in the family with a 'PARTY BARGE.'

    :) Jealous.