Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dallas 2010

We went to Dallas, TX with Richard's Dad and step mom for vacation this year.!! We had a blast and would definitely go back to Dallas again!!! 

We stopped at Tropical Smoothie to get a smoothie before the rode trip!! BAD IDEA!! Payton isn't much of a rider! She screamed and threw up twice on the way to Little Rock! So of course we had to stop and let her play for an hour and eat lunch!! 

Mom and Dad sooooo happy little doodle bug passed out!! She slept the entire way to Pepaw's anf Me Me's
One of those windows is where the man was who shot JFK
X marks the spot where JFK got shot
Payton sitting on the grassy Knoll

We went and watched the Running of the bulls in Fort Worth!! It was really neat!! I compared it to people going to the Peabody just to watch the ducks walk off the elevator and into the pond! 

Yes that is a REAL LIVE Longhorn
"Come on Cattle"
Payton liked looking at them!
And there they go!
Payton and Hunter sitting in a wagon!
We went to eat at Medival Times one night! that was so much fun to watch!! It is an experience we will never forget!! Payton actually enjoyed it and stayed focused on the horses and knights!
Go red/yellow knight!
Richard and Hunter
Prince Hunter trying to take off his crown
The family at Medieval Times

That was our Knight!
He threw Payton a rose

Payton, Hunter and I with our Knight!!

The next day Richard, Payton and I went to the Fort Worth ZOO~!! We had a wonderful time at the zoo!! But boy did it get HOTT!! The Fort Worth ZOO is an AWESOME ZOO! The exhibits are so well put together and very interesting!!
Payton with the Flamingos!!

Watching the elephants!

We stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge for two nights in Grapevine!! Man can I just say this place is the COOLEST ever!!! It was an indoor waterpark/hotel!!!  We all enjoyed it so much from the kiddos to the adults!!!

This was from the hotel lobby looking down on the waterpark!
Big kid slides!! Richard and I rode these with his dad and Brianna!!
Payton could walk in the kiddy park!! That made life so much easier and our backs thanked us later!! 
Payton getting sprayed by the Sea doo!

She loved the baby slide!
Seeing what they can get into next!!
This place also had a story time the kids ould go to before bedtime!! They got to wear their PJ's and sit and listen to someone read!! Payton didn't sit and listen long but it was fun!
"Hurry mom let's go "
Standing and listening!
All the animals moved and talked !
This was the story teller and the Wolf who came to visit!
We had such a wonderful time in Dallas!! It was a great to get out of Memphis for a few days!! Thank you so much PePaw and Me Me for letting us join in on the fun!!! 
Love you guys!!

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  1. A few things:

    1st. I love this post, and it looks like you had an incredible time in Dallas.

    2nd. Joey is obsessed with JFK's assasination, he probably knows more than any tour guide (trust me, I heard him talk about it for 11 days)...so it's ironic you went to see the spot where he was shot. I'll have to call Joey and let him know so he can contact you for further details :)

    3rd. Why does Richard's shirt say 'Be Nasty?'

    4th. Jealous of the water park indoors.

    5th. I'm glad you had a well-deserved blast.

    and p.s. maybe Payton gets carsick from reading in the back seat...that's what does it for me.