Friday, August 27, 2010

ZOO Day!!

On Friday I decided that it would be a good day to take Payton to the zoo. So I called up my mom to see if she wanted to join. And of course she wanted to, we also brought Aylin with us! We had a wonderful time. It was a very nice morning so all the animals were out and about playing and fighting with each other!! The Grizzly bears were really fun to watch! They would play in the water and roll around on the ground! Payton and Aylin did very well riding in the wagon! They loved to get out and look at the animals and then they got back in to move onto the next exhibit.

The girls had a good day. They laughed, cried, ooohed, and ahhhhed. I say they cried, I think the only reason why they cried was because i took their dang paci's away from them so we could enjoy the day!! I can't stand those things!! i don't know how I am going to get rid of it! I guess that will be a totally different blog on a totally different day!! 

Taking paci's away at the front entrance!!
Look at the gorilla!! Aylin doesn't look very interested!!
Looking at the elephants!!
Big girls riding in the wagon!!
The Grizzly's were so much fun to watch!!!
Aylin was loving her some Diet Dr. Pepper!!!
My doodle bug!!!
Sitting like big girls!!
We watched the Sea lion show!! They really enjoyed seeing the sea lions jumped in the air!! It was also our snack time!! We had such a great day with the girls!! Hopefully we can do it again soon!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A weekend with the family!!

We went this past weekend to Van Buren, AR to see Anissa's pinning ceremony and to just visit!! It was so good to see the girl's and for Payton to have some much needed playtime with her cousin's!! We went to the creek one morning before it got too hot and let them play in the water and just have a great time!!

Payton smiling for me!!
Emery just staring me down!!!
Bailey giving a big cheese!!!
Looking over the edge!!
This is too cute of these two girls!!!
Payton and I looking out over the water!!
Payton is such a daredevil!! It's only a 2 foot drop don't worry!!
She loved just hanging there!!
The family minus Richard!! He's being the photographer
Playing in the water!!

We had such a great time with our family!! We miss them very much but we always have a wonderful time when we see them!! Payton loves playing with her cousins!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Life is a changing!!!

I guess it's time to make this blog official........
Yes that is an E.P.T test in her hand and yes the cap is put back on it!!! AND yes Payton is going to be a BIG SISTER!!!! We had an ultrasound done the other day and I am 9 weeks and 5 days today!!! and yes feeling very much like 9 weeks pregnant!! I have been so nauseous and queasy. My Zofran helps some days and then other days not so much!! I hope it doesn't last long!! When I was pregnant with Payton I was so sick everyday until 14 weeks and then I felt great!! So hopefully it will be the same this go round!! I have a few pictures of the new baby but they are on my phone and I do not have my cord to hook it up to the computer!! I can't believe we are going to have another baby!! Its going to be one crazy ride!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Let's feed the ducks...

Well I guess I mean geese!! We went to AR to visit my grandmother and we decided to take Payton to the park!! She had a great time, but I was a little terrified of all the geese!! They were everywhere! Some even looked like a mix breed of something I have never seen before!! So i wouldn't let Payton down to go feed them with Tessa and my mom!! I know, i know I am a chicken but these things were something fierce! 
Mom and Tessa feeding the mix breeds!!
These things just kept coming!
They were everywhere!
Payton and I watching from afar!! 
Then we went and played for a little while!!

Payton was not afraid of the mix breeds!! She wanted to walk right up to them!!
Then we took a walk across the bridge!!
My sweet girl!! She loved feeding the geese! I guess next time I will just have to let her down and go for it!! I was just a little scared of what they might do!! I think I have seen too many mean geese at Shelby Farms!!