Monday, August 2, 2010

Let's feed the ducks...

Well I guess I mean geese!! We went to AR to visit my grandmother and we decided to take Payton to the park!! She had a great time, but I was a little terrified of all the geese!! They were everywhere! Some even looked like a mix breed of something I have never seen before!! So i wouldn't let Payton down to go feed them with Tessa and my mom!! I know, i know I am a chicken but these things were something fierce! 
Mom and Tessa feeding the mix breeds!!
These things just kept coming!
They were everywhere!
Payton and I watching from afar!! 
Then we went and played for a little while!!

Payton was not afraid of the mix breeds!! She wanted to walk right up to them!!
Then we took a walk across the bridge!!
My sweet girl!! She loved feeding the geese! I guess next time I will just have to let her down and go for it!! I was just a little scared of what they might do!! I think I have seen too many mean geese at Shelby Farms!!

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