Friday, August 27, 2010

ZOO Day!!

On Friday I decided that it would be a good day to take Payton to the zoo. So I called up my mom to see if she wanted to join. And of course she wanted to, we also brought Aylin with us! We had a wonderful time. It was a very nice morning so all the animals were out and about playing and fighting with each other!! The Grizzly bears were really fun to watch! They would play in the water and roll around on the ground! Payton and Aylin did very well riding in the wagon! They loved to get out and look at the animals and then they got back in to move onto the next exhibit.

The girls had a good day. They laughed, cried, ooohed, and ahhhhed. I say they cried, I think the only reason why they cried was because i took their dang paci's away from them so we could enjoy the day!! I can't stand those things!! i don't know how I am going to get rid of it! I guess that will be a totally different blog on a totally different day!! 

Taking paci's away at the front entrance!!
Look at the gorilla!! Aylin doesn't look very interested!!
Looking at the elephants!!
Big girls riding in the wagon!!
The Grizzly's were so much fun to watch!!!
Aylin was loving her some Diet Dr. Pepper!!!
My doodle bug!!!
Sitting like big girls!!
We watched the Sea lion show!! They really enjoyed seeing the sea lions jumped in the air!! It was also our snack time!! We had such a great day with the girls!! Hopefully we can do it again soon!!!

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