Monday, September 20, 2010

Emery's 2nd birthday!

We did the 4.5 hour drive over to Northwest Arkansas to celebrate Emery's 2nd birthday!! I can't believe that little curly hair doll is already 2!!! We had a great time spending time with the family. She got lots of goodies and a yummy cake/cupcake!! Payton and Emery are only 4 months apart so you can only imagine the fights that occurred over all her new toys!! Poor girls they just thought it all belonged to them!! I tried and tried to explain it to Payton that those were her toys, but yeah right it was like talking to a brick wall!

Saturday morning we went and watched Bailey play soccer! her team the Falcons won like 8-0!! They did sooo awesome!! Bailey scored like 2 goals I think!! I really can't believe that girl started Kindergarten this year!! Man has time flown by!!!  I can't wait to be there in November for Bailey's 6th birthday!!! 
Bailey all ready for her game!!
Emery and Payton playing at the game!!
Richard really got into the game!! He said he couldn't wait until Payton could play!!
Bailey # 21 playing hard!!
The girls eating snack!!!!
Emery's birthday cake and cupcake!!!!

She was so excited for her birthday!!
The 3 girls: Emery(2) Bailey (5 1/2) Payton (20 months)
Payton eyeing that pretty cake!!
Present time!!
Chris had to feed the baby while Emery finished opening her presents!
She was so excited!!!

Happy 2nd birthday Emery!! She has gotten so big and she is so talkative!!! It is amazing what a few months can do!! last month when we saw her she was talking but now she is really talking!! It is crazy to think that might be Payton in a few months!! Happy birthday Emery!! We love you!

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