Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Day!!

This is just going to be alot of pictures that we took during the day on Halloween and while she was trick or treating!! Landon came over and went trick or treating with us!!  The had such a great time!! Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!!!

Richard made Payton and I an "Edward" cookie cake!!  It was very yummy!
Doodle bug before trick or treating!!!

Payton and Landon going to their 1st of many houses!!! They had a blast together!! The end picture is of Tessa and Payton walking down the street together!!


Friday, October 29, 2010

BCCC's Halloween Parade!

Every year Payton's school has a Halloween Parade. The kid's get to dress up in their costumes and parade inside and outside with their class. Well me being a working mom I couldn't make it, so Richard and my mom went to celebrate with her. Richard said she wasn't in a very good mood because it was all so different. My mom was their in the middle of the day and she did not want to be without her Ki Ki. After the parade, they had a party with food and candy!! Then my mom being the push over that she is took Payton home! She said she didn't want to leave her there crying for her!! So she came home and took a good nap and then ended up spending the night with her Ki Ki!! I was able to see pictures and you can definitely tell she was confused and crying because my mom wasn't by her side every minute!! She is one spoiled rotten child!! 

Payton and her Ki Ki after the parade!

Payton trying to get to her Ki Ki!

Payton and her class during the parade!

Payton playing with her friends before lunch!
Payton eating lunch while Ki Ki captures her every move!! It looks like she only ate the cookie for lunch!! I knew she wouldn't eat the pizza but the grapes and the cheetos looked like a winner!! 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Our weekend in a nutshell!

We love you guys!!

Pigtails anyone!!

Payton's Three DO's!!!

So here lately I have really enjoyed putting Payton's hair up into pigtails!! I think she looks just so cute when they are in!! She looks a lot older to me too when they are in! I've only been able to do three things to my own hair: all the way up, half up, or all down!! My poor girl's will only know the same way!! Here are Payton's Three Do's!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

So last year my family went to Cedar Hills, but of course I couldn't go because I had to do the mommy work thing!! So this year I made sure to plan the weekend for Cedar Hills so I could join!!! We had so much fun! Payton did the pony ride for about a minute or two and then she was done with it!! I did get some cute pics though! Then we went by the petting zoo and Payton thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the animals!! Then we watched the pig races and after that we rode on the John Deere Choo Choo!! All i can say about that is interesting!! Then before we went home we rode the hay ride out to pick our family pumpkins!! Payton got to pick her baby pumpkin and then we picked our big family pumpkin!! I was so happy to be able to join my family this year at the pumpkin patch!! Sometimes being a working mom you don't get to enjoy all of the things your family does, but this year I did!!!

My baby girl and I!! 
Daddy's doing their fatherly duty!!

This was our process of picking out our pumpkins!! I sent Richard for the big pumpkin and Payton for the little pumpkin and Mommy watched!! :)