Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2nd birthday is around the corner

Every November I start getting anxious/prepared/motivated to get Payton's birthday party scheduled/prepared for January. Yes I know a little in advance but with the holidays drawing so near I always feel like there is not enough time and then BOOM the 5th of January is here!! So in November I get her birthday shirt made and then Rachel takes some pictures for me to put on her birthday invitation. I wanted to post a few pictures from this year and last year photo shoot.  It just amazes me how much 1 year can change your baby!! She is such a doll and definitely has a mind of her own! 

It was a little bit harder this year to get her to stay still and actually look and smile at the camera! She just wanted to run around and look at the water and play in the leaves! In the end Rachel ended up capturing some fantastic pictures of her and I can't wait to show you all my favorites! Although I'm not going to tell you which one made the invitation maybe you can guess and see which one is your favorite. I'm also going to put one from her 1 year old photo shoot on here with an almost identical one from her 2 year old shoot!! 

Oh how she has changed in 1 year!!

Thank you so much Rachel for taking my angel's sweet pictures!! I can't wait for her invitation to get here!! I still can't believe I am fixing to have a 2 year old!!