Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

I can not believe it is December 1st.  Where has this year gone!! I don't know about ya'll but I love this time of the year!! Seeing all the Christmas decorations, putting the ornaments on the tree, and getting to dress Payton in all her beautiful, cute holiday outfits!!!  SO of course in honor of the first day of December Payton wore her first holiday outfit to school today!!! She looked so darn cute! She kept pointing at the shirt saying "tree". Here is what our house is beginning to look like!!! Hope everyone has a great day!!!

Richard putting our lights up on our house!! Payton has her very own tree in her room. She loves to go in her room with her lights off and just look at her lights! 

My very big and very excited girl showing off her Holiday outfit.  She looks older in these two pictures!! I wonder if its because she is holding onto Mommy's IPhone like a champ!!

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