Monday, December 26, 2011

The finale of Christmas!!

We wrapped up Christmas with Gi Gi and PopPop!! Oh these girls are spoiled by their grandparents!! We have so many new toys that I feel like I am being over ran!!

Thank you Cindy for our gifts!!

Eating Lotso!!

Oh such a kid at heart !!

We love all our presents!!

And to the best picture of all of Christmas is my beautiful princess getting ready to shoot the camera!!! It sums up everything about her attitude and spirit!!

I love you sweet girl!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa came!!

Santa came to our house!!
Payton and Macey Jo were so excited!!!

Say cheese daddy!!!!

Reaching all the way to the bottom!! She wanted to make sure everything was out!!

Mommy was a good girl too!!

Sweet Macey Jo was so good!!

Daddy was a good boy this year!!

Payton and Macey Jo was were such good little girls this year!! Santa treated them very good!! Payton loved everything she and Macey got!! She definitely hit jack pot with all the toys between the both of them!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Our annual Christmas Eve!!

Every year for Christmas Eve we head to my sisters house!! Its always so much fun with lots of food, talk, and presents!!! This year we started off the gathering baking Santa cookies!! Payton and Aylin loved to do that!! They basically played and poured out the sprinkles!! Aylin made a complete mess with the sprinkles!!

Next, we ate, ate, and ate some more!! We had lots of delicious food and it was so yummy!! The girls loved the dessert table of course!! When my dad and sister finally showed up it was time for the main event!!!

Opening presents was so much fun this year!! Payton and Aylin are at the perfect age where they finally understood and got so excited when it was their turn to open presents!! Payton got more dress-up clothes and toys!! We are definitely getting princessed out! I wonder what Santa has in store for Payton!! ;)

Tessa was so happy about her Naked eye shadow!! Mom got a personalized photo frame of the girls! Aylin got lots of things for her new big girl room!! (Sorry for your eyes being closed Blur!)

Blair and Aylin with their dolls: Mulan and Rapunzel!! I had to get Bobby to smile in the picture because he was in it! Too bad we didn't give him a doll to hold!!

Tessa and Payton after opening presents!!

Macey Jo having the most fun in a BOX!! Oh that is so the present we should have gotten her!! She played and played in that box!

Then it became a fun thing to do with all the girls!! Payton and Aylin just had to get in on the fun!! I should have brought that box home with me!!

Our Santa cookies are ready to be placed on a plate! I do believe Santa will LOVE these cookies!!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!! Sleep Tight!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This and that...

It has been a while since I have done a look alike photo between the girls!! There are days when they act and look exactly alike!! Then there are times when they are totally different!!! Macey Jo has always been bigger and longer than Payton, but Pay ton has always done things ahead of her time!!

This is Payton at 9 months with the Arkansas dress on! Sweet girl with those dazzling blue eyes!! It's like that haven't changed color when I look at pictures now, they are still lightening blue!! At 9 months Payton was pulling up to her feet on her toys and starting to walk around things while holding on to stuff! It is so hard to believe that a month after this photo she was already walking!! She just seemed so small!!

Macey Jo definitely has a longer face! But their smile and eyes are almost the exact same!!! I can't tell about the hair color being the same due to the pictures but I think it is the same color but Payton had a little bit more hair than Macey!! Macey is pulling up to her knees holding onto toys! I don't think it will be too long and she will be pulling up all the way!!

I love my two girls more then life its self!! I am so thankful God made the the mother of these two fantastic divas!!

Mommy & Daddy loves you Payton doodle and Mace Mace
To the Moon and Back!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Snowy Nights!

My beautiful family at Snowy Nights!!

We went to Snowy nights tonight at the Botanical Gardens!! This is the first year we have been and we did have a lot of fun! They had arts and crafts, snow, food and hot cocoa!! The big girls made snowflakes and salt dough ornaments!!

Blair got in the way of the picture of Aylin and Payton making salt dough ornaments!! Thanks Blur! There is my sweet Macey Jo watching the big girls do crafts!!

Look at my crazy Payton!! She just makes me laugh!!
Ki Ki with the girls on the swing!! I can't believe they all sat down for minute!!

Payton loved to play in the snow!! I went in to get a picture of both Aylin and Payton, but I never found Aylin! finally I spotted her out side of the snow arena!! Payton was really into playing in the snow!! Eventually we had to drag her out of it!!
This is probably the best picture so far except my little sister had to work tonight !! Everyone is looking at the camera and NOBODY is crying!!! It's a miracle!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The beginning of Christmas festivities!

We had our first round of Christmas this past weekend! Richard's dad, stepmom and sister came from Texarkana, AR to spend the day with us!! The girls were so excited to see Brianna and to open their first round of Christmas presents!!

After the girls opened presents we hung out and just chit chatted the night away!! Payton played dress up in her new princess outfits and Macey Jo played with her new light up toys!! It was a great weekend to start off Christmas celebrations!!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Snow! Snow 2011!

This was actually Macey's second snow if you count the snow fall we had that one night!! Macey didn't get to enjoy this snow like her sister did!! Oh well! I KNOW there will be more snow days ahead!!

Can't believe we actually had snow in December!! Haha that never happens! We usually always have snow in the Jan., Feb. or March! Well the girls were excited to wake up to a yard full of snow! Payton was so excited that she woke me up with her hat on saying she wanted to go outside and play in the snow!! We took full advantage of Macey sleeping in so we went out for a few minutes!!

Here is Payton so excited to be outside in the snow! The funny part about it was she wouldn't step in the snow! She just wanted to look at and and touch it with her glove!! She didn't step in the grass I did and then she stepped every step in my footsteps!!
Our house in the snow!!

This is from our driveway looking down the street!! Of course it had to be trash day so everyone's trash cans are in my pretty pictures!!


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our 9 month old!

Macey Jo.
I can't believe we took you for your 9 month check up already!! My time with you being a baby is flying by! We are getting ready to celebrate your 1st Christmas and we are so excited about that!

What have you been u too lately!
- You weighed 21.6 pounds
- You are 29 inches long
- You are still in a size 3 diaper
- You wear sizes 12/ 12-18 month clothes
- You started crawling on 12/7
- You are starting to pull up to your knees
- You LOVE to play in your sisters room
- You can clap now every time we say yay
- You always crawl straight for the fireplace rocks

Looking back at all your pictures its so hard to think that you were so small and needed our help all the time! Now you are on the go at all times and LOVE to play with your sister! We love you more than you know and can not wait to celebrate your 1st Christmas in a few weeks!

We love you Mace Mace... to the moon and back!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mr. Letters is here!

Welcome to our home Mr. Letters!!

Payton has been keeping a close eye on you today!! She is very worried that you decided to spend your first day in a box on the shelf!!! What she doesn't know is that Mr. Letters likes his box, so he might just spend every day in the box somewhere in the house.


Working Wednesday!

This little girl

is keeping me on my toes today

with having so much energy!!

Oooooo Weeee this girl is full of it today! I asked her if I could borrow some of her energy and she said "No my ergy (energy) yours in the closet (as she was pointing to the pantry). I get you a cookie mom!!

I guess she thinks cookies gives energy!! She is definitely wearing me out today! And to top it all off Macey Jo decided she wanted to start crawling today!! Thank goodness she is not very good at it yet!!

MOM- 0


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! 2011

We got to spend Thanksgiving this year in South Carolina with Gi Gi and Pop Pop. We left late Tuesday night and made it there about mid day on Wednesday! We had to end up stopping due to the crabbiness of our almost 9 month old!! We booked an hotel room in Crossville, TN around 0130 Wednesday morning!! Needless to say I just don't have good riders!! Oh well we made there and that is all that matters!

Richard and I were able to go on a little date night to see Breaking Dawn. I'm sure Richard would have rather seen something else, but he knows how long I have been waiting for this movie to come out. After the movie we went back to Gi Gi and Pop Pop's house and put the kiddos to bed!

The next morning we had a small breakfast and watched and gave Gi Gi some moral support for cooking Thanksgiving dinner!! Dinner was awesome and everyone was so stuffed! Even Macey got to dine with us on some Sweet Potato's. She loved every bit of all the yummy goodness that was in them!! Thank you Gi Gi, the food was sooo good!!!!!

Then around 9:00 pm that madness began!! Gi Gi was the lucky one to hit up Black Friday with me!! We made it to ToysRUs around 9 and then made it to Target around midnight! I got some good deals and I am happy to say the girls Christmas is DONEZO!!!!

We had so much fun in S.C. over Thanksgiving break!! But it all had to end because I had to go to work! Thank you so much Gi Gi and Pop Pop for letting us mess up your house and eat our you wonderful food!! Also a big thanks to Gi Gi for conquering Black Friday with me!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Bailey!

This past weekend we got to spend some wonderful time with our nieces!! Bailey and Emery are so sweet and growing up so fast! Bailey wanted to have her birthday at the deer camp in Rison so all her cousins and family could be there! So like Bailey... she always wants to be with lots of people!! It was so good to see everyone and for everyone to meet Macey Jo!!
(Sorry they are so blurry, they are from my phone)!

These silly girls!! They have so much fun together when we visit!! Emery and Payton are 4 months apart so they really enjoy each others company!! Bailey is like their little momma it's so cute!!

Macey Jo had a lot of firsts this weekend. She met a lot of her cousins for the first time. She attended her first bonfire at the deer camp! She roasted wienees for the first time and helped momma make S'mores!! It was so much fun visiting and hanging out by the fire!!

There they are!! All 4 of the girls!! Macey, Bailey, Emery, and Payton!! Love you girls so much! Can't believe this time next year Macey will be running around acting crazy with them!

Also while we were there we visited Poppa Davis. He got to meet Macey Jo for the first time also! I know, Iknow that is so bad! We should have introduced them a while ago, but it gets hard traveling with 2 kids and also having 2 work schedules to work around!! We made it down there and thats all that matters!

Payton loved seeing Poppa Davis. She kept telling Poppa that Pawpaw Davis was in an airplane! I think she told him that a 100 hundred times! Richard's dad Brian a.k.a Pawpaw Davis is a pilot and its so funny because Payton will hear an airplane and say thats Pawpaw Davis!

This was about the only nap these two girls got all weekend! They were so worn out from running and playing and eating all weekend!! Poor Emery I guess she didn't know she could leant he other way and be a lot more comfortable!

All 3 of the young girls taking a sweet, short nap! Even Macey Jo didn't have a decent nap all weekend!! So you know she was mighty cranky every time she was put down!

Payton had so much fun visiting with her cousins! We can't wait to se them again around Christmas time!! They always have so much fun together. Too bad we don't live closer because they would be a mess all the time!!!

Happy Birthday Bailey!!