Sunday, January 9, 2011

Payton's 2nd birthday party!

We had Payton's 2nd birthday party at The Little Gym yesterday!! We are so happy all our friends and family could make it!! Payton had a great time playing and running wild with everybody!! She loved running on the air trek and doing flips on the doughnut!!!  She loved her cake and her balloons too!! Now onto all the pictures!!! 

Payton's Sweet invitation!!!! 

The birthday girl !!!

All her friends playing!! 
(Payton flipping, Bailey upsise down, Sadie Lynn watching the big kids, and Landon, Payton, and Aylin running on the air trek!)

Cake time!!
(Landon enjoying his Capri Sun, Bailey being goofy, Alyssa loving her cake, and Aylin really enjoying that black icing!!)
The decorations for her party room!!!

My sweet birthday girl!!! She looks so innocent and sweet with that finger!!! She loved her Minnie Mouse cake and balloons!!

More play time with friends!!!
(Alyssa doing the uneven bars, Eme playing on the floor, Payton and Bailey on the parachute, and Landon and Payton crawling up the mat!!)
Payton opening her presents!!

We wanted to thank everyone for giving Payton money for her new playground set!! Richard and I are going to go get it next month!! We hope everyone will come enjoy it with her when it gets warm outside!! Thank you all so much for making Payton's day so special!!!! 
We love you all!!!! :)

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