Sunday, February 13, 2011

Guess who came to town..?!

Can you guess now who came to town....

that's right!! We Spent $100 to take Payton to see her ultimate favorite person!!
She was so excited when he came out for the first time!! She just kept saying Barney. Look Barney!! She sang some of the songs with him and danced when they danced!! I thought she would have a good time, but boy was I mistaken.... She LOVED it!! I'm so thankful my hubby came with because I wouldn't have been able to do it by myself!! I am so glad we were able to take Payton to something she would love before Macey Jo enters the world! It was like our last big outing as a family of 3!! 
Before the show!!
 She was showing us everything!! Every Barney and Riff. She loved her flag we got her!!
Waiting to take our seats!!
She was waving her flag around before the show started!!
OMG... It's Barney!!!
The last picture is of her singing "If your happy and you know it..." This was the hooray part!

She was taking it all in towards the end of the show!! She started to get really tired and kept asking for her "vavee" which is lovee and her pacie!!

After the show!! They had so many carriages sitting out front so we could spoil our little ones a little bit more!! But we just had fun looking at them and petting the horse's!!

~Payton~ We had so much fun spending the night with you!! The way your smile lit up when you saw Barney walk out on stage!! I am so thankful for all the times we spend together!! Your mommy and daddy love you with all our hearts!! We love watching you grow into a sweet little girl!! We know you are going to be a wonderful big sister and we can't wait to take you to more exciting events in your life!!~

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  1. 1. I saw your title and thought I was the answer to that time!

    This post was soooo sweet. I'm glad she loved it, she looks so cute waving her flag. I'm glad ya'll had a good time, even if it was Barney! :)