Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just a look back..

I was just laying down with Macey Jo this morning and started looking through older pictures of Payton when she was young!! It seems like forever ago when she was just learning how to sit up and when she really smiled and laughed at you!! She was such a cutie pie. It really got me thinking about what Macey Jo will look like. Will she look just like her big sister? I also started to realize that Macey Jo will be Payton's age in a blink of an eye. I want to remember everything about Macey Jo as a baby because I am not sure of I will have another one!! Of course I would love one more but eventually I will have to talk my husband into it! I started thinking that this might be my last baby. :( So i am trying my best to sit back and enjoy every minute of my two girls!! I hope you enjoy the pictures because I sure did!!

Beautiful blue eyed beauty!! (Payton at 4 months)
Landon and Payton best friends now, but future lovers later!!!
Soon it will be Macey Jo and Brooklyn= BFF
Payton on her first day of school! (Payton 7 months)
I mean look at that sweet face. It really makes me realize that time sure does fly! I can't believe this little 6 month old is now a 2 year old big sister!!

I love you Payton with all my heart!!

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