Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Payton's Day

We decided it would be so much fun if we spent our last day together as a family of 3. We woke up went to eat breakfast at Cafe Eclectic, which was wonderful. Then we made our way to the zoo. It was pretty nice out so we went early to beat the crowd. We had an awesome time at the zoo. Payton ran around the entire time. We ended up renting a stroller because we left ours at home. And I think the entire time spent at the zoo, Barney was the one occupant in the stroller. Then we went and had Mexcian food for lunch. I think I was trying to get myself to go into labor. Then of course it was nap time.

During Payton and Richard's nap I went to get my toenails done. You know you have to have prety toes before you deliver a baby!! Can I just say that the pedicure was WONDERFUL. He massaged my legs and my feet for about 30 minutes. I think he knew i was thoroughly enjoying myself.

When I got home doodle bug was awake so we left and met Cameron, Rachel, and Landon man at Yogurt Mountain. We had a good time chatting together and for Payton and Landon to have some time hanging out together, because you know they are going to get married one day!! After Yogurt we went home and hung out together the rest of the afternoon!! I think Payton had a great day with us and I hope she is just has excited as we are to be welcoming our little Macey Jo into the world tomorrow!! 

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