Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sick.... We are all sick!

So the day we brought Macey Jo home from the hospital Payton had been coughing and sneezing due to the yucky weather we have been having!! When we got home from the hospital Payton was running a 102 fever. So to my luck she was clingy and I had to do everything to keep her off of Macey Jo. So we had hand sanitizer in every room and kleenex on every table.

Then to our dismay Richard starts getting sick like Payton. He never did run a high fever but he coughed non stop. So we had to buy mask so Richard could help out with Macey Jo. Tessa and Payton got a hold of the mask and had a fun time playing with them.

Then wouldn't you know I get sick with the same thing plus a high fever like Payton had. Thank goodness my mom was here with us that week because she and Tessa helped out a lot. So we have all been on antibiotics and now we are all feeling better!! Thankfully Macey Jo has stayed healthy and hopefully she will stay that way!!

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