Sunday, April 10, 2011

Park time!!

A new park opened up here and it was awesome!! There are like 4 different little playgrounds at this 1 park. Lots of swings, slides, monkey ropes, sand, and water!! We were all amazed at the size of the park we really didn't know where to begin! So we left that up to Payton to decide and of course we went right to the swings and stayed there forever! She loves to swing. She doesn't want to do anything else! We had to make her go play every where else and of course she loved them too. We had so much fun at the new park and can't wait to go play again!!

Looking down into the Slide pit!
Where's Payton?!

Sliding down one of the slides with my big girl!

She loved all the swings! I think she could have stayed on the swings all day long!

What goes up..... Must come down!!!

We had an awesome day together! Macey Jo did good in her stroller while doodle bug played her heart out!!

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