Monday, May 9, 2011

The flood of 2011.

This is Mud Island, on a normal afternoon you would see lots of grass and cobblestones leading up to the flags. Now it just looks like a mini island . All the grass and cobblestones are covered by the Mississippi River!

So Memphis is experiencing an Epic Flood. All that rain we received 2 weeks ago still causing a terror around the mid-south. The Mississippi River is measuring 47.7 feet today and is supposed to crest at 48 feet tonight. I believe the flood level is 36 feet. The river has taken over Mud Island, Riverside Dr/Beale St. intersection. Thousands of people have lost there belongings due to the Wolf River, Looseehatchie River that are flooded as well. The last time the river has flooded like this was in 1937. They call it the 100 year flood plan. We decided to take the girls down there to the river so we could experience a once in a lifetime event.

(This is me and the girls standing at the Riverside Dr./Beale St. intersection)

Although this is a devastating event, it is also amazing. To see the river overtake parks, land, houses is something you really only see in movies! I wanted to get pictures because might see the river flood again with kids or grandkids. They might experience this twice in their lifetime!

The picture on the left is looking down Riverside Dr. when you start to see flood water. And the picture on the right is again the intersection of Riverside Dr. and Beale.

Me and the girls looking at the river!!

Mom and Tessa looking at the river!

The Epic flood of 2011.

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