Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tessa's 16th birthday

My sister celebrated her 16th birthday today! I cannot believe she is 16 already. Man time sure does fly by, I feel like I am getting older by the day! She had her birthday dinner at Olive Garden and we had alot of fun! I had to work that night so I left pretty early during dinner. But I heard everyone had a great time and loved their dinner! I know I enjoyed my dinner thoroughly around midnight that next morning!

The birthday girl and her cake and balloons!!

Blair with Payton and Aylin! With mom and Macey Jo in the background!
The next picture is the whole table besides Richard and I!

Happy 16th birthday Tessa! I hope you had a wonderful day!

We love you!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Family date day!

We took these sweet girls to see Cars 2 one afternoon!! We had a good time, but w were all ready to go with 30 minutes left of the movie! The plot was too much for Payton, but she did enjoy watching the cars race. Macey Jo did so good, I think she watched about 30 minutes of the movie! Her big blue eyes were as big as I have ever seen them when the screen came on!!

I told Payton to say cheese to the camera and this is what I got!! She is such a ham!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Play date at Blairs!

Well we had another play date with the cousins!! We always seem to have a great time when everyone is together. The big girls played hard in the pool and on the playground, while Macey Jo just soaked up the spoiledness (if thats even a word) that everyone was giving her!! I ended up just getting one good picture of the three girls alone!! It's hard to get them still enough for pictures now days!

Monday, June 20, 2011


We are really starting to see some major differences between Payton and Macey Jo. Macey Jo is starting to get her own personality and spark to her that doesn't quite resemble Payton anymore. Payton has been on the go and always on the move even as a baby! She came into this world wide eyed and holding her head up! That totally says what Payton still is today... wild and crazy! She is always so busy and always into something! She is either full smiles or full of tear throwing fits! I love that about her, she has so much energy and she uses every last bit of it everyday!

Macey Jo on the other hand is very laid back most of the time. Then when she is ready she loves to be a spitfire! She plays and smiles for a while with Payton and then it is back to chilling and watching the world go by! I think Macey Jo is going to be energetic, but on her own terms. I think it may take her time to warm up to people, but when she does she is going to have fun. She is going to be the one who scopes situations/people out and when she gets it figured out then her spark will come out!

It is amazing how different two little girls can be! They both have beautiful personalities and have a different spark about them. It is going to be so much fun watching Payton and Macey Jo grow up together. To see if they keep these traits when they become teenagers! No matter what they are beautiful inside and out and I hope they always believe that!

We Love you Payton and Macey Jo!!
To the moon and back!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lake Ouachita 2011

This was our beautiful view all weekend at Lake Ouachita!

We pretty much spent all of our time on or in the water. It was pretty hot on land, but if you were swimming then it felt great! The water was wonderful and Payton had a blast! Tessa went to the lake with us so Payton had a continuous swimming partner between Tessa and Richard!

Payton and Richard talking about the 3 catfish they caught that morning on trot lines with Poppa!! Payton got out of the boat with her arms spread as wide as they could be talking about fish! They weren't really that big , but in her eyes they were HUGE!

Our family at Lake Ouachita! Richard and Payton spent a lot of time skipping rocks on the water! Payton would find the biggest rocks for Richard to "skip." She just thought the splashing of the rocks was hilarious!

Payton and her Uncle Randy driving the party barge! She loved being on the boat! We couldn't get her to jump off of the boat, but dropping her in was fun for her! Thanks Aunt Sherrie for taking care of Macey Jo while I had a little fun swimming with doodle bug!

Basically we spent our lake vacay eating, skipping rocks, swimming, fishing, &
TOPLESS (well most of us!)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How we spend our summer days!

This pretty much consists of Paytons' wardrobe during the days so far. She loves to get outside and swim in her giraffe pool and play on her swing set!! I have to drag her in most days because Macey Jo get worn out just sitting there watching Payton! Most of the time I can't get her to go inside and use the bathroom so instead you hear "Mommy I pee pee in grass." I then say "okay baby the dog's do it too" I'm not even going to try to fight that battle of going inside, let's just hope she is not 16 and still peeing in the grass!!

She loves this pool so much. We bought it for $30 at Target so hopefully it will last all summer. The water hose hooks up to the giraffe head and out shoots water from the mouth!! It also has a slide that she loves for you to throw her down!! She has such a blast playing in the water!

Aylin has come to visit a few times already this summer. Aylin isn't has fond of the pool as Payton is, but they both love to swing! I think Payton would swing for hours if we let her, but it gets very tiring having to push her the entire time we are outside!

I'm sure Macey Jo gets so tired of having to just sit in her bouncy seat, but I know soon enough she will be wanting to swing with her big sister; let's just hope by then Payton can swing herself!

I hope everyone is having a great summer, we sure are!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Payton's 1st day at MDO

Payton started Mother's Day Out (MDO) today. I was very nervous for her because she has been home with me and Macey Jo for the last 2 months. She has been in daycare before so I know eventually she will love school. She did just has I expected... cried and so did every other kid who was before/after us. When I went to pick her up they said she had a great day and ate well and even took a nap!! She hasn't done that in a while!! I am very excited for her to be at this MDO and am hoping she will enjoy the 2 days a week for the rest of the summer!

Payton quickly posing with her new lunch box before leaving for MDO!!
I love you big girl!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Macey Jo is 3 months!

My baby girl is 3 months old...

-you still wear a size 1 diaper.
-you are in some 0-3 months clothes, but mostly you wear 3 months clothes.
-you smile all the time.
-you love your swing now!!!
-I think you weigh around 12.5 pounds per my scale.
-you have total head control now.
-you have been able to turn from stomach to back for a while now.
-you eat 5 oz. every 3-4 hours.

I can't believe how much you have changed in just 3 months. I totally forgot that babies grow up this fast. Before I know it you will be sitting up, then crawling, and soon we will be celebrating your birthday!!

We love you Macey Jo to the moon and back!!!