Monday, June 20, 2011


We are really starting to see some major differences between Payton and Macey Jo. Macey Jo is starting to get her own personality and spark to her that doesn't quite resemble Payton anymore. Payton has been on the go and always on the move even as a baby! She came into this world wide eyed and holding her head up! That totally says what Payton still is today... wild and crazy! She is always so busy and always into something! She is either full smiles or full of tear throwing fits! I love that about her, she has so much energy and she uses every last bit of it everyday!

Macey Jo on the other hand is very laid back most of the time. Then when she is ready she loves to be a spitfire! She plays and smiles for a while with Payton and then it is back to chilling and watching the world go by! I think Macey Jo is going to be energetic, but on her own terms. I think it may take her time to warm up to people, but when she does she is going to have fun. She is going to be the one who scopes situations/people out and when she gets it figured out then her spark will come out!

It is amazing how different two little girls can be! They both have beautiful personalities and have a different spark about them. It is going to be so much fun watching Payton and Macey Jo grow up together. To see if they keep these traits when they become teenagers! No matter what they are beautiful inside and out and I hope they always believe that!

We Love you Payton and Macey Jo!!
To the moon and back!

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